Source: Forza 3 will release this Christmas

VG247 has learned that Microsoft intends to release Forza 3 as one of its major 360 titles this holiday.

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Captain Tuttle3562d ago

A new Crackdown game! Even if it's "1.5" I'll get it day one.

thereapersson3561d ago

Yeah, Crackdown is one of the better titles on the 360. I can't wait for a proper sequel!

outlawlife3561d ago

crackdown was fun but it was far from being great

the campaign got extremely monotonous after a while, it was just the same fight over and over again, the only difference was you could throw bigger things if you kept going

climbing and jumping off of the agency tower online with friends was extremely fun, and the harpoon gun weapon was probably one of the sickest weapons ever included in a game

pinning a pile of dead bodies to a car and dragging them around is actually pretty entertaining

thereapersson3561d ago

Yeah, that was my favorite part of the game. I actually spent more time climbing around, finding orbs and gaining achievements than I did doing the main missions in the story.

Repetitive it may have been, but the game as a whole was still wicked fun.

La Chance3561d ago

its coming out this year.

Im pretty sure too that we'll be getting another jrpg from mistwalker this year especially since LO is the best selling jrpg on 360.

I think GDC is going to be very interesting...

jcgamer3561d ago

she was one CRAZY old lady! Granny had a big ol' GUN!

lol :)

Rock Bottom3561d ago

Mistwalker did announced an exclusive 360 title back in 2008, it was named "Cry On", but then it got canceled, so I wouldn't count on them releasing another game in 09, specially that even Cry On was a 1.5 to 2 years away from completion when it was canceled, which means even if didn't got canceled it wouldn't be ready for a 09 release.

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outlawlife3561d ago

forza just 1 card microsoft hasnt shown yet, i can't believe some people think they have no other games waiting in the wings

a new crackdown game could be fun, i'd really like to see that game with a much deeper online component, it could easily translate to an online rpg but i doubt that is what they have if anything

i have been saying for months they are going to surprise a few at GDC and E3, just like last year

Sony Rep3561d ago

Suprise who? New ips suprise. Old ips sell to the same crowd.

SixTwoTwo3561d ago

QFTMFT. The Big 3 are all holding back on us. Gamers win again. This fall MS is bringin F3, Alan Wake, Halo 3: ODST, among others. Sony is bringin U2, GoWIII, Heavy Rain, among others. Whether you went the PS3 route or the 360 route you have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Montrealien3561d ago

So true, however if you went only 1 route, you have everything to complain about, as the N4G comments section have shown us all in the past.

I see great games on all platforms this year, gamers win, fan**** lose, yet again.

AngryHippo3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

... 'Old IP's sell to the same crowd', while I can agree in some respects with that comment, I believe it depends on the game itself.

Take Killzone 2 as an example, if what you say is true then that doesn't look good...since Killzone 1 was average and sold pretty average. Because of the fact the sequel is such a massive improvement over the first it is appealing to so many more people (hence the massive amount of preorders) and the same can be said regarding any sequel regardless of whether the title is on a Sony platform or Microsoft platform.

No Way3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

"it could easily translate to an online rpg but i doubt that is what they have if anything"

It's called APB. =) Ha. I can't wait for that game. But, I'd love to see another Crackdown, too.

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Zhuk3561d ago

This is great news, I can not wait till I try the next iteration of the greatest racing simulation franchise on consoles.

thereapersson3561d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Zhuk...

La Chance3561d ago

Forza does have better gameplay than GT

thereapersson3561d ago

That's pure opinion, La Chance, and you know it

Man_of_the_year3561d ago

I agree with you that is opinion. However it is FACT that FORZA is a better "SIM" than GT.

PR3DAT0R3560d ago

Well i think you will find GT is THE greatest racing simulator series of all time!

forza looks like GT4 on ps2 I'm actually not joking, yeah take that you piece of sh1T

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Jerk1203561d ago

Forza 3 will be superior to Gran Turismo 5 just like Forza has always been superior to Gran Turismo and just like the Xbox360 is superior to Ps3.

Jump in.

Sony Rep3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Forza 2 barely surpasses GT4 in all regards.

thereapersson3561d ago

So worse graphics and physics equals superior? Oh, but I forgot, you get tinfoil damage effects and a car painting program! That *must* equal superiority in your book.

Funny how a "demo" (in the fanboy bible, anyway) of Gran Turismo 5 beats a full-fledged retail game when it comes to driving physics and actual driving feel when on the track.

Really, keep sticking to damage effects, because it's the only thing that Forza fanboys have in their attack arsenal that actually can be used against Gran Turismo.

outlawlife3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

you forgot to factor in fun factor, that is what games are about right?
forza also has customization and a fully integrated online community at with photo mode, car auctions, etc

i've been a GT fan since the first one but forza is way more fun, especially with the customization and the paintshop

you act like the paintshop is a small feature but it has been something gt fans have been crying for since the first game, and honestly it is hard to beat the editor in forza

by the time gt5 gets here forza 4 will probably be here, i'm honestly sick of waiting because the game is just going to be the same as every GT before if prologue is anything to go by

you can cling to your same tired anti forza rhetoric, but go try playing the game once you might find it rather refreshing

foxeye133561d ago

Take a look at this... I guess it means that a psone game is better then Forza?!?! :|

thereapersson3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

They're fun, but for some reason they can't manage to shake that "it's only slightly more of a simulation than PGR is". Some of the track dimensions aren't even accurate, for crying out loud.

When I want that "true simulation feel" when driving, I go start up GT: 5 prologue, with my G25 Pro racing wheel, and experience what it's really like to simulate driving on a track.

There have been more real drivers and car companies that utilize the Gran Turismo series than Forza could ever hope to draw in. For f*ck's sake, Nissan actually commissioned Kazunori Yamauchi for the design team in the new Skyline.

The only thing I can say that Forza does better than GT is the online aspect. I don't have LIVE, but I've played Forza online at many friends' houses and it's definitely an experience worth checking out.

Jerk1203561d ago

We're making comparisons of 1 game to 2 games in the same generation. Not some old school game that was around when Forza wasn't.

I'm sure if there was a Forza at the time Gran Turismo came out, Forza would most definitely top it.

Foxgod3561d ago

indeed, Forza owns Gran turismo, the reviewers around the globe know that Grand turismo is full of flaws, and in terms of gameplay doesnt match Forza at all.

ViceKingz3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

you just compared a current gen game to a last gen game yourself

not to mention you compared it to a prologue as well

forza 2 beat gt4 by 1? thats it? forza 2 is no better looking than gt4 as it is.

gt will be the best racing franchise on console, period. and as you bots like to say...."saaalez"

4 games, more than 50 mil copies sold worldwide

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KingDizzi3561d ago

I would love for Sony to release GT5 day and date with Forza 3, just to show the power of the GT franchise as it tears apart Forza 3.

Ko_Uraki3561d ago

But I'm not too sure about the "winner".

bassturd3561d ago

if it were on the same console that may make a little more sense...

...but still...not really. Why would either game want to lose sales to the other game?