GamesRadar Review Street Fighter IV

GamesRadar: "So here we are then. Street Fighter IV. A game which a couple of years ago existed only as an unlikely fanboy dream, but which now elicits a passionate response from absolutely everyone, be it nigh-religious fervor or a wrinkle-nosed dose of "Whut?" But which faction is right? The enthused or the confused? Well here's a clue. It's the former, without a single doubt."

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thor3561d ago

Beyond the flashy graphics, Street Fighter IV is just another fighting game. It doesn't innovate the genre and we've all played a hundred other games like it.

Or was that some other game.

Can't remember.

Sevir043561d ago

yet it scores well. its easy to forgive a game that's well establish like street fighter of being the same thing, but a shooter like... oh never mind. i'm done with media and unprofessional game journalism... i just want some consistency with reviewing. review objective and unbiasedly across all games. if you are gonna forgive one game for not innovating do the same with every other title that's a run of the mill with pretty graphic. oh and this game or any for that matter doesn't deserve a ten.

reviewers need to be consistent.

boodybandit3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I see what you did there ;)

3561d ago
boodybandit3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Who is hating on SFIV here?

Most people with any common sense know the gaming media is a joke and thor was just poking fun at that. There is no reason to be so defensive and then go on the attack. Lighting up.

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