Man Destroys Wii, Threatens To Kill Wife, Burn Down House

Forty-six-year-old Edgar Montalvo of New Britain, Connecticut held his family hostage and threatened to torch his house. It all started with the Nintendo Wii. That, or the heroin. Yeah, probably the heroin.

According to his wife, Montalvo got angry at his 14-year-old son for not pausing his Nintendo Wii quick enough when the father asked his son to deal with the barking dogs. The suspect then smashed the Wii and chucked it out the front door.

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ChickeyCantor3589d ago

SO the father has issues, how is this related to gaming?
O a wii was involved!

I can see it already in cooking articles
Man kills family with a budger knife!
Woman stabbed 6 babies with a professional knife set.
Man falls down the stairs because of a tefal pan.
etc etc.


KrazyFace3589d ago

I don't see what this has to do with the Wii or gaming in any way, let's just hope nobody steals any taxis with a copy of GTA in thier pocket anytime soon.