Sony Ericsson unveils world's first 12MP phone

Sony Ericsson jumped the gun on its competition at Mobile World Congress this year by announcing the world's first 12MP cameraphone, as well as a new Entertainment Unlimited service.

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thereapersson3564d ago

All the megapixels in the world won't matter if you have a tiny-ass image sensor.

I'm sick of the "more megapixels = a better camera" marketing BS. The sad thing is, most consumers go by that logic when choosing a device...

Capt CHAOS3564d ago

Need much bigger sensors. Hence why I use a digital SLR and maybe 2 pics a year on my phone..

na2ru13564d ago

I set my real 4 megapixel flash camera to VGA (640p?) and get a far more superior image than my 3.2mp nokia phone.

Phone makers should work on mastering the QUALITY of the image to at least match my old 4mp camera. focus exposure shutter speed and flash is too gimped on phones. n.b. SE K800i is impressive

na2ru13564d ago

Because my printer can only go so far, which is more than enough

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PotNoodle3564d ago

I also hate how everyone is going with full touch screens now, most of the time they all look really ugly.

thereapersson3564d ago

Not to mention the fact that most games that are released can't be used on the hardware because the full-touchscreen hardware lacks the hardware keys you need to play most of them.

Sevir043564d ago

Touch screen however was made really popular like By the DS. Apple desided to do that route with the Iphone, and like the phenomenon like the Razr. We'll soon start seeing everyone going touch screen in phones that look thin and great.

thin phones were made popular by the Razr. it;s now the touch phase for phones albiet, Palm trio's were doing it looooooooong before apple got into the phone buisness, but It took apple for everyone else to notice.

Still I dont really care about the MP being so high, just something that looks good and works well with a fast 3g network. Palm Pre FTW

jay23564d ago

Give me a large amout of in-built hard drive space for media and I'm sold.

specialguest3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

If the lens, flash, and other camera features suck. In an 8mp camera phone comparison against samsung, LG, and even a 5mp Nokia N82, on and, the Sony Ericsson 905C had the washed out colors and ranked lowest in image sharpness.

Chuck Norris3564d ago

I've seen posters of this phone at the mall a while back.

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