PSP 2009 lineup is three times bigger: Monster Hunter, Resistance: Retribution


"PSP 2009 lineup is three times bigger: Monster Hunter, Resistance: Retribution The PSP has been enjoying a successful run, especially in Japan. The handheld just topped the 50 million mark recently. Considering the cost of the PSP, it is doing quite well for itself in the video game market. The system also received a huge boost from the latest iteration of Monster Hunter."

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Myst3562d ago

Mm, for some reason I'm having trouble going to this site is anyone else having trouble loading it?

jkhan3562d ago

I played Resistance Retribution Demo & I have to say I am quite impressed. The game has really set the standard on how traditional shooters should be made on PSP. I did felt the game was a bit easy but who cares as long as it was fun to kill those chimerans :D

lelo3562d ago

PSP's lineup for 2009 is very sad. Sony is only betting on the PS3, forgetting completely the PSP. Beside a few JRPG (witch are not my favorite type of games), Resistance: Retribution (witch a tried the demo and hated the controls) and the new Indiana Jones (i know nothing about, just a teaser), there is nothing to look forward in the PSP for 2009. Dam the PSP 3000 (no way of getting homebrew games for it).

Sad ... sad ... sad year for my PSP 3000. Anybody wants to buy it?

Babylonian3562d ago

I would be holding on to your PSP if I was you, you have no idea what they're planning for it. Wait till E3 comes...

Da One3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Star Ocean 2
Prinny: Can I be the Main Character
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Mana Khemia
Class Heroes
Patapon 2
Loco Roco 2
Hammering Hero
Dynasty Warriors: StrikeForce
Phantasy Star Portable
Final Fantasy Dissidia
Monster Hunter Freedom 2G
Samurai Showdown Anthology
Disgaea 2
Resistance Retribution
Tenchu 4

I'm sorry if you find this lineup sad then your crazy

Lawliet3562d ago

I'd buy it! PM me! I need a cheap PSP3000 right now! Ya, at if like your really willing to sell yours. Give me a call when your done being sarcastic.

lelo3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

@Da One

Out of all those games, 90% are probably JRPG. Might play one or two of those JRPG's but frankly, JRPG are not my cup of tea.

- Locoroco 2 (liked the first one, so probably be getting the second)
- Patapon 2 (played the first one and did not like it) Locoroco is better.
- Resistance Retribution (played the demo, graphics were good but controls were horrible).
- The rest... hummm ... not very interesting... or don't know them.

Da One3562d ago

Star Ocean 2 -JRPG
Prinny: Can I be the Main Character - Platformer
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus - Fighting
Mana Khemia - JRPG
Class Heroes - JRPG
Patapon 2 - Action
Loco Roco 2 - Platformer
Hammering Hero - Platformer
Dynasty Warriors: StrikeForce - Action/Beat'em Up
Phantasy Star Portable - JRPG
Final Fantasy Dissidia - Fighting (with FF characters)
Monster Hunter Freedom 2G - JARPG
Samurai Showdown Anthology - Fighting
Disgaea 2 - JSRPG
Resistance Retribution - Shooter
Tenchu 4 - Stealth/Action

6/16 does not equal half.............Variety is in this season

midgetsanx3562d ago

Monster Hunter 2G! Yeah!

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Cyberwaste3562d ago

Hardly very sad when Final Fantasy Disidia and KH Birth by sleep are not far off.

Lucreto3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

My PSP game collection has swelled over the last year. I had a DS for nearly 2 years before I got a PSP and I have nearly twice the games on my PSP than my DS.

I have the DS for RPG's like FF III & IV, Dragon Quest and Phoenix Wright (epic games by the way) and Prof Layton.

MY PSP has Star Ocean 1 and Star Ocean 2 will be out soon so I don't need to worry about SO4 being on 360. With Resistance and the LBP and a new Final Fantasy. I will be doing well on PSP for a while.

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