Why the PS4, Xbox 720, and Wii 2 will all be identical


"Although we're probably at least two years away from any next-gen console seeing the light of day, it's important to keep an eye on where the industry is headed from time to time. Unfortunately, I've got a nasty feeling that the PS4, Xbox 720, and Wii 2 (or whatever they end up being called) will all turn out to be almost identical to each other.

This generation of video game consoles is, to my mind at least, one of the best ever. I know many people disagree with that, and will likely tell me why they do in the comments section of this article. But it's my opinion and it's based on a few different factors."

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Simon_Brezhnev3563d ago

guess he must be boring nothing else better to write

AAACE53563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Nintendo is seeing that graphics don't mean much to alot of gamers, and people like the motion controls. But more than likely, the next console will be almost or as powerful as the 360 because the cost of that type of graphic power will be low, and it would help keep their console price low.

MS and Sony won't let the next Nintendo console have the same advantages as they do now, in reguards to price and unique controls.

The Ps4 will more than likely be a bit more powerful than the Ps3. More than likely, have an upgraded CELL, with more Ram, and a faster Blu-ray drive. This would make the console powerful while keeping the cost down, possibly in between the $300-$400 mark.

MS will try to repeat what they tried to do this gen (minus the red ring), and that is to have a balance between what Nintendo and Sony are doing. They will probably have a totally new chipset, but will try to keep price as the main target. More than likely, this next console is when they will adopt Blu-ray as their media of choice.

So in the end, the Ps4 and Next Xbox will be similar in power, and the next Nintendo will be alot closer to them than the Wii was this gen. All companies will try to stay within the $250-$400 area. And pretty much all of them will have some kind of motion controls.

You could argue that all three companies would dump more power in their next consoles, but they have been burned by the economy, and would be hesitant to take a risk on making a very expensive console. Not to mention, if their investors would agree to doing something like that.

soxfan20053563d ago

The next generation of consoles WILL be nearly identical. The differences in games between this generation and last is much smaller than it was from PS1/N64 to PS2/XBOX/Gamecube, and it will be even smaller between this generation and next. It's called the law of diminishing returns.

If Nintendo wants to release Wii 2 in 2011, they can use 5 year old technology. This will mean PS3 quality graphics running at 1080p high definition. Using 5 year old technology will allow Nintendo to release Wii 2 for probably $200-$250, while competitors will have much higher priced consoles that won't look much better than Wii 2. How much better can PS4 or the next Xbox be to compete with that?

SuperSharpShooter3563d ago

click agree if you agree...


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

...NO...'PS4' will be BETTER than ALL of them!!!;)
Just like the 'PS3' is BETTER than the 'xBox 33%RRoD60' and the 'Wii-Toy'!!! ;-D

Giriath3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

I doubt that. Nintendo will continue cashing in on the casual market, or keep the Wii and release a Wii 2 for the hardcore gamers, but I would be surprised if it was as powerful as the new Playstation and Xbox. And Microsoft will have to come up with a miracle processor of their own to compete with Sony's enhanced CELL, as well as a new media storage format.

Sony are always working together with IBM and Toshiba to enhance the CELL, and they've said the one in the Playstation 4 should use up to 20 cores, more than double the amount in the Playstation 3 which has 8. Intel will be designing their GPU, with ATI designing both Microsoft's and Nintendo's. They will keep the Blu-ray, but most probably have a much faster drive, and even more capacity on the discs.

They will also try their hardest to make the Playstation 4 accesible to third-party developers, which the Playstation 3 hasn't been. With the Blu-ray and CELL then being relatively old technology, and the CELL chip being 45nm, expect the price to be around the same as Microsoft's new Xbox. Their 1st party developers won't have such a hassle adjusting to the new hardware as they've had with the PS3 either, as they will be familiar with the CELL and Blu-ray.

If Microsoft fails to compete in hardware, expect Sony's launch titles to be technologically stronger than their competitors.

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