Ignition Entertainment Launch Boing! Docomodake Website

Take a wild bouncy ride with your favourite Boing! Docomodake mushrooms as Ignition Entertainment unveils - the all-new dedicated website for the upcoming funky-fungus action game, Boing! Docomodake for NintendoDS.

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Foxgod3586d ago

Lol, has this anything to do with the company called DoCoMo in Japan ?
Ive seen this mushroom hanging around when i worked as an acceptance tester in the Europe based test centre of NTT DoCoMo.

kevco333586d ago

It's their Japanese mascot!

It may sound pretty lame as a basis for a game, but it actually lookis like a pretty decent puzzle/platformer. Kinda like MArio Vs. Donkey Kong, but not as taxing...

Coheno3586d ago

Way to go Shane " Mangod" Bettenhausen!