Lionhead 'New' Projects Are Old Concepts "Artwork for two unannounced Lionhead projects appearing on the web are not currently in development, despite speculation they could be the next titles from the Fable studio.

Concept art for two games – labelled Survivor and Justice – has been on display at Leading Light Design, and was picked up over the weekend by a number of blogs including Destructoid, claiming it was representative of new projects in development at Lionhead."

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Johnny Cullen3585d ago

Shame :(

Would have really loved to have played Justice, it looks much more interesting then Survivor IMO :(

krakdol3585d ago

Well, so much for 360 exclusives to come..

It's a shame considering there's nothing planned on 360 exclusives this year... : /

Foxgod3585d ago

I see your not a fan of collecting bubbles.

games4fun3585d ago

i see you couldnt make a comeback because he said the truth,

halo wars, an expansion and dlc with forza at the end of the year during christmas wow...

so if you count games releasing its 2 maybe 3 if you want to argue that halo osdt is a full game which is stretching it.