GDC 2007 Preview

Cant wait till GDC? Well here is a sneak peek at what to expect in this online Program Schedule hosted by You will find many useful hotlinks taking you directly to more information on their web site.

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GaMr-4300d ago

On the bottom of Page 64-65 is very interesting. Something needs to be done about A.I. I mean. Online gaming is a very strong entity. But for those of us that still like strong campaigns. Im pretty sick of stupid Goons. Its soo boring. You alternative. Put the game is a super high difficulty. Where the goons dont get smarter...they just suddenly get miraculous abilites. Like a headshot from 9 million miles away (bullshyt)

Merovee4300d ago

I feel your pain. The worst culprit however is a tossup between fighting games and sports games. I love it when fighting the same character it takes them 1/5 the time to go from striking to blocking and the animation reflects it, or when a line backer can suddenly outrun a running back rofl. Smarter would be a far more desirable option. I wouldn't mind losing under circumstances that don't bend the games rules and physics out of whack.

And if they really can't beat us, fine just admit it and leave things like that for the kids and casuals. That's why we play against each other.

Rasputin20114300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

I agree with GaMr but Merovee is there something wrong with you from the neck up because plenty of Lbs can keep up with or even out run Rbs.