PopMatters review: Fallout 3 writes:

"Fallout 3 tests the limits of what game reviews are equipped to do. How do we fairly and meaningfully evaluate a game that aspires to so much, succeeds so often and so brilliantly, and yet also fails (sometimes miserably) to deliver on all its lofty ambitions? "

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lord_of_balrogs3584d ago

Am I the only one who thinks Fallout 3 was mediocre 7.5? I played the entire game twice and I enjoyed it but there was nothing really special about it. The game was incredibly shallow and the story and voice acting was terrible. I'm an avid RPG gamer and after playing the original KOTOR I branched into classics such as Baldur's Gate, Fallout 1, Arcanum, so I feel I know the WRPG genre pretty well.


I mean the story was one of the worst I've seen, an RPG is supposed to excel in this department yet the story comes across as dumb. You have the Brotherhood fighting to control project purity which will release clean water in the wasteland, and you have the Enclave which wants to release clean water into the wasteland. Only Eden wants to be evil and release a mutagen into the water and Colonel Summers isn't listening to Eden. So really you have two groups killing each on who gets the right to press a button releasing clean water.

Secondly, good and evil? I could of made all the "good" choices in the main campaign yet if I stole several items this would result in evil karma turning me into the "scourge of the wasteland." Furthermore, the quests and choices sucked, they all revolved around fed-ex, kill, protect. The only real sidequest with a choice was Megaton and even that had little weight.

Slinger4203584d ago

Fallout 3 is classic and will only be appreciated by a certain type of gamer. The way one can approach the game is awesome. The game is freakin amazing!!!!!!! Nothing better than exploring the Wastelands. Boring Story??????? Are you serious??????????

lord_of_balrogs3584d ago

Is Fallout 3 your first RPG because it sounds like you haven't played a lot? It's people like you which lead to PC gamer's superiority complex and cause them to look down on us console gamers. Fallout 1 and 2 were classics, Fallout 3 is just a marginally good game. A good RPG is story driven and the story sucked. Read my complaints up top.

ThatCanadianGuy3584d ago

I have to agree with balrog about the horrible story. of the worst RPG stories i've ever seen.
But i do agree with slinger about how fun it is exploring the wasteland and just f*cking around..

I'd personally give this game a 7-8 Mediocre at best.

Slinger4203581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Yea, and that's why it received all the critical praise it did, because it's mediocre, yea right. Just like MGS4, GTA4, and LittleBigPlanet too. And by the way, I'm 25 and Have been playing games since I was about eight, how about you?