Microsoft Opening New Line of Stores [UPDATE:] What items can you find?

"To take on the success of its competitors, Microsoft last week announced it will open its own line of stores.

Of course, Microsoft has not made specific what exactly will be sold or featured in the store, but we can predict a couple of items such as Windows, Xbox items, Windows applications, and video games.

One thing that Microsoft did announce however is David Porter, a former executive at Dreamworks will be taking the head position of the division. David Porter has also worked for 17 years as President of the Wal-Mart entertainment division."

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Algullaf3564d ago

hope just you enjoy visiting everyday.

there xlarge xbox plus two zune 30 gb.

trancefreak3564d ago

In order for me to read the above post microsoft windows vista requires an active x super uber update. Sorry jacky boy.

BattleAxe3564d ago

Hopefully they'll have a repair shop in each store.

panasonic233564d ago

awesome MS better have a lot of security u know ps3fanboys.

3564d ago
labaronx3564d ago

And see their main competition. Maybe they'll learn how to sell the Zune> The store will be nothing more than a repair center and wont last long.

Simon_Brezhnev3564d ago

hmm they about to have a record in most returns in retail store lmao for vista,360, and zune

John Titor3564d ago

I dont think they have the same consumer love Apple has to pull this off

labaronx3564d ago

The store will probably sell more 360 related gear over their software and Zune.

Danja3564d ago

they are just trying to make it easier for ppl who run into 360 & Zune defects...XD

Ghoul3564d ago

consumer love ???

nearly everyone i know (industry and privat) only uses microsoft products (except 360) because its a must. MS is horrible in every aspect (except gaming)

Godmars2903564d ago

Once - if - they start doing DDL for the next Xbox they're still going to need a retail front to sell hardware. It also gives them locations to where they can hold Window 7 classes.

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The story is too old to be commented.