Retro Music Love: The Genesis Era - Top 5 Genesis Tunes

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection on the 360 was quite a trip down memory lane. Genesis games were awesome, and the music is some of the best that any console has to offer. There's no giant orchestra, no vocals, not even MIDIs, just classic sound chip beats. There are a ton of memorable songs from the Genesis era, and here now are the Top 5 Genesis Tunes

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Marceles3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

My favorite song tunes are Green Hill Zone (the beginning of it all) in Sonic 1 and the Chemical Plant Zone (the music totally fit Sonic's attitude and speed) in Sonic 2. Those are classic. Sky Chase Zone in Sonic 2 was a really chill beat and I liked the drums (boo-boom clap...boom..boom clap). It's hard to pick just one Sonic song though, it's definitely had some of the best music in gaming

italianbreadman3559d ago

Comix zone definitely had some rad presentation all around. What a cool idea.