Meristation Review Street Fighter IV

Meristation: "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, released in 1991 for recreational rooms, marked a turning point for virtually all of the games industry, while a lofty genre maligned and ostracized to the highest levels of popularity. The echo of SFII and influence has transcended to the present day, rather than clear evidence of its enormous significance. So any wrestling game released to the market versus the current baby of the unwritten rules which, although not invented SFII, it left in place forever and ever.

Throughout the years various sequels came subsagas-Street Fighter Alpha, and then SF EX legitimate SFIII: 3rd Strike and Double Impact, primarily, who managed to keep alive the legend. But behold, Capcom, back in 2001, decided to abandon the genre that had given him so much joy.

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Zeus Lee3562d ago

Can't wait to try this out!


KZ2 or SF4 ? my head is going to explode . i love both franchises