Lets Get This Right, God of War 3 Is A Visual 'Masterpiece'

GCO: "For all those fans out their that aren't sure what they meant by 'God of War 3 [being] the best looking game on the PS3 to date', here's a little incite for you. We all know that the game isn't a graphically detailed, I mean this in the lightest way, as Killzone 2, but what God of War 3 does right, apparently, is large scale parts."

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el_bandito3590d ago

Let's not forget that GOW was more renowned for its awesome gameplay than the graphics. The former still remains a "gauge" as to hack-and-slash games. Incorporating the gameplay with the "large-scale" interactions, as the writer was saying, would really be cool.

fishd3590d ago

That trailers opening,that sky,OMG,now imagine fighting in a scene with backdrop like that,I'm gonna cry,I am sure!

RememberThe3573589d ago

GOW I and II were known for pushing the PS2 past what people thought it could do.

gw4k3589d ago

until the game is out and then pass judgment. Sony is known for not being very honest about its games and graphics.

Giriath3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

They aren't even in Alpha yet, so I would expect the graphics to have a considerable leap once they are.

Think Killzone 2, pre-alpha on the left, not even final build on the right:

Bubble Buddy3589d ago

I literally played GOW 1 and 2 again just because I saw that trailer. Plus it eases the pain for waiting for K2 :).

DaTruth3589d ago

Remember the part where Kratos is outside the temple on the titans back(I think it was Chronos). Picture that while fighting in hi-def. I bet we'll see the other titans climbing in the background and be jumping from titan to titan.

Yipee Bog3589d ago

Isn't there still like at least a year of development time yet?

Danja3589d ago

I read an article where the developer stated that they have Titans in the game that will be taller than the Sears tower...

look at how Detailed Gia and Kronos looked in the trailer and this game isn't even in Alpha stage yet.

I have no doubt in my mind that the guys over at Santa Monica will raise the visual bar once again...they are among if not the best 1st party programmers Sony has..

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swiftshot933590d ago

Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, and KZ2 (at this stage) look better than GOW3. But GOW3 still looks absolutely amazing. The only aspect that doesnt impress the hell out of me are the character models. And the scale of the game will obviously put this game to the top. The game has jumped to my #2 most anticipated game ever, I've played all the games, and cant wait for this one.

Final_Rpg3589d ago

I like the way the face moves and the facial expressions. They look so natural. It's like a cg movie in that respect. I'm really excited for this game.

Rhoic3589d ago

I think Kratos' character model looks amazing.. I don't like the enemy character models, and some of the textures look a little funky as of right now, but I'm hoping that they keep to their word and this game blows my expectations out of the park.

Yipee Bog3589d ago

reminds me of the new diablo gameplay videos. At least the environments.

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Helghast Slayer3590d ago

The game looks this good now imagine when they finish the full game. Christ! Sony Santa Monica studios still has a little over a year before GOW3's release. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

trancefreak3589d ago

ya man I couldnt of said it better

inbfour3589d ago

what this game will look like at launch.

Trebius3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

But I just wanna kill Zeus once and for all...

He stuck a sword into your chest, took your Mojo, and said your mom was a slut.

poopsack3589d ago

and destroying Sparta isnt cool.

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