TGV - NHL 3vs3 on XBLA Review

Even with it's poorly implemented Multiplayer system and lack of a campaign mode, NHL 3vs3 seemed to impress Knight Carver over at The Game Vine.

Knight Carver writes: "NHL 3 on 3 has been built around the engine that gave us the outstanding NHL09. Though I was excited about this one prior to release, a comment from an early hands-on review, stating that this offered the gamer nothing more than a slight distraction, always stuck in my head. So, it wasn't with a great sense of optimism that I first approached this arcade release.

I was somewhat surprised by the absolute quirkiness and uniqueness that I was presented with once the game had full downloaded..."

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Hunter863563d ago

Good review. Pretty dumb you can only play against one other console though.

leeeeed3563d ago

So weird that the Dev's decided that would be ideal... Considering basically every other MP title on XBL found a way to offer MP to more than 2 players at a time.