Resistance goes portable?

Insomniac Games, the developer of the successful PlayStation 3-launchtitle Resistance: Fall of Man, has signaled their desire to put a Resistance on the PlayStation Portable. Wether this game will actually come out or not, is still unknown. Insomniac will first develop Resistance 2: Rise of Man for the PlayStation 3 and after that, we might see a portable Resistance.

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specialguest4307d ago

I hope it isn't a severely downgraded FPS version of the PS3 game. They should make this an original game like Killzone Liberation for the PSP.

kingboy4307d ago

lets hope so, but i have faith in Insomniac

Chagy4307d ago

will make a good psp game

DiLeCtioN4307d ago

as long as they make an original

cuco334306d ago

i would like to see this as i have no plans to buy a ps3 anytime soon (expect 1.5-2yrs)
my psp is barely alive and kicking, i'm always waiting on a good 'must have' title

socalr64306d ago

Mine has been collecting dust for months now. Too highly upgraded firmware wise to be able to go back and use it for modding !!!! I guess I should just apply the newest patch as it's not going to happen with mine :( I have 8 games that I never play, Maybe it should go on Ebay and use the funds toward Wii.

PSP is my worst purchase in recent memory, other than the lame quick release steering wheel hub I picked of for the Vdub.