Strategy Informer Reviews Street Fighter IV

From Strategy Informer: "They're back! Street fighters from all over the world have returned once again to enter a tournament and square off against the best there is. If you've never played a Street Fighter title in the past, then you'll be glad to hear that Street Fighter IV is easy to pick up and play without having to know all the intricate complexities in the fighting system. While it's no mere button-smasher, it shouldn't scare away newcomers due to how inviting the combat is. Street Fighter IV is simply the fighter that every other fighting game wished it was."

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JamieReleases3565d ago

Great Score.

This game is sure to please many Street Fighter fans :)

jammy_703564d ago

i just feel the dame for k2 only the other way round...

Zeus Lee3564d ago

I'm going to pick this up for Ps3 :)

GamerPS3603564d ago

This game is getting good reviews. But, I have to wait on this 'coz I am picking up Halo Wars instead. I never played RTS and Halo Wars is not too deep for beginners. Getting KZ2 and RE5 first day too.