Beneath the Ashes brings three new achievements

Console Monster writes: "Just when you thought the new achievements for downloadable content had come to an end, Tomb Raider: Underworld has just been increased 1125 GamerScore thanks to three new achievements. Judging by the achievement description: "Complete the Beneath the Ashes Mission," I think it's safe to say the achievements are for the Beneath the Ashes download content which was intended to release on the 10th. Stay tuned to Console Monster for more details on the release. Here are the new achievements:

Beneath the Ashes – 50 GamerScore
Complete the Beneath the Ashes Mission

Master Collector – 50 GamerScore
Find the Hidden Relic and all Treasures in Beneath the Ashes

Collector – 25 GamerScore
Find the Hidden Relic in Beneath the Ashes..."

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