Panasonic may Beat Sony to 3D Games by 2010

Sony will not be selling its 3D players to the public. However, Panasonic already picked it up and announced it will be available to the public by 2010.

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You Already Know3502d ago

don't you mean 3D movies?...

I'm not shocked, but Sony has been the most active BD hardware manufacturer up until this point...

Panasonic has made some of the best BD for the price you pay and they seem to be pushing Blu more and more....

good stuff..

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bassturd3502d ago


Panasonic 3DO anyone?

Kyur4ThePain3502d ago

Very well thought out argument there.
I don't know how anyone could dare stand up to your wit and intellect.
Your argumentative powers are second to none.


xwabbit3502d ago

lol Powertesties u talk of people being young age but look at ur comment, that doesn't look very mature xD

Danja3502d ago

I guess the truth hurts sometimes

@Bassturd -

I asked if Panasonic is still making games...? hence the title. of this post..

bassturd3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

nah you asked if Panasonic ever made games. Too bad your post was deleted

Guessing 3DO is probably before you time youngin' hence....pwn...

Danja3502d ago

my actually question..was:

"Does Panasonic Makes games ???? Games" !!...not if they ever made a console...

I then went on to say the title is obviously misleading...cuz this has nothing to with games.....

and yes I knew about the sure you didn't buy it either....

xwabbit3501d ago

lmao look at my bubbles

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iamtehpwn3502d ago

Wand of Gamelon, anyone?

SpoonyRedMage3502d ago

Hmmm Nintendo made 3D games year ago, it was called the Virtual boy and it was horrendous but it was over ten years ago and was released when it was still in the design phase.

So before Sony tries to claim they're doing some new just remember that yet again Nintendo did it first.

EDIT: I thought it was Phillips that made the CD-i games?

Kushan3502d ago

There are a new breed of TVs coming out not too far from now that do "3D" without glasses or anything. I very much doubt this generation of consoles will ever cater for them properly (Well, the PS3 might do some 3D blu-rays), but I very much expect it to be a part of the next generation.

PotNoodle3502d ago

Unless panasonic are going to be giving me games like WipEout HD in full 3D, then i personally don't care.

And no, i'm not saying they will be bringing out WipEout HD 3D support, i'm just using that as an example.

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The story is too old to be commented.