Console Guide v1.1 Launches – Details Inside

Console Monster writes: "We have listened to your great feedback and we are happy to announce that the latest release, version 1.1, of our Console Guide is now live on the Apple App Store. If you have already purchased the Console Guide for your iPhone or iPod Touch device you will soon be prompted to update it, either on the device itself or via iTunes.

In this FREE update we have addressed most of the cosmetic/visual feedback that we have received from existing Console Guide users. This includes:

* Updated splash graphics
* Updated button feedback graphics
* Revised About page
* Use of sharper device text in certain pages
* Revised loading prompt text
* Direct Link to the developer's game - Keepy Uppy

On top of these features we are updating our Achievement and Trophy lists on a regular basis -keeping you update for all your gamerscore and trophy collecting needs. We have begun to update any missing Secret Achievements but we are still missing a few dozen titles. If you have unlocked any missing secret achievements we ask you to let us know in our forum thread, and we can then update our records accordingly..."

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