DS Watch: 5 Games that Should Come to the DS

Old franchises are constantly making their way to the DS, but there are still a lot that haven't come to the handheld. This DS Watch article makes 5 suggestions for games that should come to the system. Okami, REZ, and Terranigma are discussed, among other games.

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BlackIceJoe3560d ago

Terranigma would be a game I would buy if it came out on the DS. I also would love to see SE bring out a remake of Bahamut Lagoon. Both these games I would buy.

Also if LucasArts could bring Grim Fandango to the DS then maybe LucasArts could bring Monkey Island to the DS too.

Immortal Kaim3559d ago

Terranigma is one of my all time favourite games, did the US get it, or was it a PAL only release?

Kaspian3559d ago

Terranigma was PAL-only unfortunately. It's not often we see that, but this is one such example. I'm kinda surprised by it too given how many other RPGs Enix was bringing to North America at the time, yet they didn't bother with that one.

NDoerrFans3559d ago

I would love to get a retail copy of Terranigma. Isn't it the spiritual successor/pseudo-sequel to Illusion of Gaia? I seem to remember that being the truth and based on the text font and overall theme of the game, it makes perfect sense.

Kaspian3559d ago

Yeah, there's a secret area in Terranigma where players can meet one of the game's developers who says the game was pretty much intended to be Illusion of Gaia 2. There's also a bunch of other neat references to other Quintet games sprinkled throughout Terranigma.