GameTrailers: Bonus Round - Season Premiere: Resident Evil 5 Dissected

"Fear has never been this exciting! In the first episode of the new season of Bonus Round, our panel of industry experts dissect one of the biggest games of 2009: Resident Evil 5. What makes this game more than Resident Evil 4.5? Will Wii owners get a chance to play? What's the deal with the controls? Our industry insiders take aim at these questions and more!"

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MasFlowKiller3590d ago

pure propaganda,

its like they were trying to pitch a sale

pippoppow3590d ago

There are a bunch of games coming out over the next few months that deserve attention as well. Resident Evil will probably be a good game but does it really overshadow that much if at all, the other big games releasing within the next 2 months to warrant 4 segments? They should have started off by talking about the first half lineup of games coming out for all consoles. Not just one. Then again they seem to have guests on there that are not prepared or just sorely lack information on the topics of discussion,not to mention the obvious bias views. Will wait a few months and see if the next topic interests me.

SinnedNogara3589d ago

Finally a new Bonus Round!! I have been waiting for 7 weeks for a new episode!!