Gamespot Comparisons: Full RGB Range and why you shouldn't trust them.

"We captured all of our images over HDMI with games running at 720p resolution, and we enabled >>>full HDMI range<<< on the PS3"

The reason I'm posting this is because GameSpot shouldn't be using Full HDMI Range. You are probally thinking the same they are probably thinking FULL means more colors for your HDMI...well it doesn't Full Range HDMI is for Computer Monitors not for HDTVs, which is why it's defaulted at Limited HDMI Range. You can look it up your right now on Google. Look at the forum posts from technical websites and they will say Full Range is for Monitors. Most people will also say it will make blacks darker and make you lose detail.

FULL HDMI RANGE : 0-255 ( 0-16 are Blacks )[For Monitors and certain TVs that Support]

Limited HDMI RANGE: 16-255 [ For TVs]

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It will show IGN's Comparison and Gamespot's comparison of Dead Space and Gamespot has theirs looking significantly different and IGN looking almost the same.

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caladbolg7773562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

If your television supports the "Full" setting, does the PS3 auto to "Full Range" rather than "Limited Ranged"? Or is this always set to Limited by default?

Anyway, nice comparison pics in the forum post. Problem is, this is still a forum post............

jakinov3562d ago

^ It's true at least and people have done that multiple times like GOW information and people have linked to neogaf multiple times too.

kai_h3562d ago

It's set to Limited by default (and doesn't auto-switch) since Sony assumed that most people would be gaming on TVs, and most TVs are expecting a "limited" level signal.

PrimordialSoupBase3562d ago

All I knows is that I could barely see anything in GTAIV when I had it on Full.

barom3562d ago

interesting, I've always played on limited and I use a monitor. Guess I should try to switch to full to see if there's a difference.

Sarcasm3562d ago

When the PS3 is set to Full, the TV that supports it should have the HDMI setting set to "normal" at least on Samsung TVs. If the PS3 is set to "Limited" then the TV HDMI black level should be set to "Low"

When using a capture card, the PS3 should be set to "Full" seeing as how the capture card does not determine a HDMI black level.

So that's why gametrailers who has always been using "Limited" always looked washed out in comparisons.

thewhoopimen3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Writers need to come up with something better than this... When you turn on full RGB... you have to recalibrate your TV. Simple fact of the matter. These comparisons are worthless unless the TV is calibrated for limited and then calibrated for full are compared side by side.

Why do game writers not just google up some home theatre mag/forum articles on this and do some studying. It's freely f**king available.


no-spin3562d ago

nice tip
i tried it out and it works like a charm.
Thanks bro

SL1M DADDY3561d ago

I don't trust any of the comparison shots from any site. I have both consoles and ever since this comparison craze started, I have double checked nearly all of the comparison threads and have found them to all be bull crap. The latest and greatest was the shots of RE5. When I looked at the shots on the web, the best showing of poor screen shots was when they took a shot of Chris Redfield. His hair in the PS3 shots looked muddy and uneven. Having the demo on both my PS3 and 360, his hair never looked like that and the games looked identical on both systems. Screen captures from any site are nothing more than flame bait.

Consoldtobots3561d ago

extended color space has nothing to do with wether a display is a "computer monitor" or a "TV", thats just marketing terms, inside its all the same tech. The ignorance of that website continues to astound me. That being said, if you have a 1080p native panel made within the last two years they WILL SUPPORT extended color space.

DaTruth3561d ago

My last television didn't support it so I wasn't able to turn it on. If your television doesn't support it, you can't turn it on. If your television supports it, you should probably use it.

dantesparda3561d ago

All RGB Full really does is just make it darker. Yes i know that technically its expanding the color space from 16-235 (which is what "Limited" is) to 0-255 (which is what "RGB Full" is, which btw is the RGB color spectrum) and causing "black crush" and heck even "white crush" on a alot of tvs. But all its really doing is just darkening the image. If you turn it on and think its to dark you could either A.) turn up the brightness on your tv to rectify that or B.) just turn it off. Also most modern TVs have the same feature on them but are named differently than "Limited" or "RGB Full". Like for example, on Samsung tvs, its called HDMI Normal or HDMI Low (with "Normal" being "Limited" & "Low" being RGB Full). If you tv is set to normal and your PS3 is set to Limited. Then more than likely your image will be too bright and you will have to darken it up by either A.) lowering the brightness setting on your T V or B.) setting the TV to HDMI Low or C.) setting the PS3 to RGB Full. Or vice-versa, if your PS3 is set to RGB Full & your TV is also set to HDMI Low, then it will look to dark and you will have to either A.) brighten it up by turn up the brightness setting on your TV or B.) setting the TV to HDMI Normal or C.) setting the PS3 to Limited. It all depends on your tv and how you like it. The only downside to it (making it too dark) is the black crushing. But the crushing itself is really caused more by the TVs inability to handle blacks that dark, than by the PS3 itself and the more your TV can resist "crushing" the better it can handle blacks the better it is. Just experiment people. Go into you TVs settings and try away.

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BkaY3562d ago

what ever you say "gayspot"......

pst..."where is killzone2 review.."

C_SoL3562d ago

Gamespot didn't even make this comparison. Some random dude made it.

jakinov3562d ago

No Gamespot did it, the pics are from Gamespot's comparison.

TheIneffableBob3562d ago

The pictures with HDMI Full Range are from GameSpot.

The pictures with HDMI Limited Range are from IGN.

phosphor1123562d ago

They said since they are also reviewing the multiplayer, they are actually going to wait so they can get some upgrades going, and level ups to see how well the system works.

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mac4u103562d ago

If your HD TV supports x.v.colour or xvycc or its is a 10bit lcd then it supports the ps3 full rgb option.

jakinov3562d ago

GameSpot's HDTV clearly doesn't if it distorts the image that much.

Johnny Rotten3562d ago

I tried mine on limited and and the blacks weren't dark enough, they looked black but with the gamma up or something. FULL makes the blacks look black, I can adjust everything else through my TV if need be.

If anybody wants my settings to a Sony Bravia v-3000 series TV PM me.

Giriath3562d ago

Well then properly calibrate the brightness to adjust for the higher brightness level you get with Limited. Full is for computer monitors and that's it. Using it on an HDTV, even if it "supports" it (all TVs do) will make your picture less accurate. Your colors will be more saturated than the developer intended to and you'll miss details they intended for you to see in blacks.

Johnny Rotten3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

sorry dino jesus but my eyes say your wrong. :)

Giriath3562d ago

But you haven't calibrated your TV for the Limited signal, am I right? Look, I'm a member at AVForums and most of us have spent a lot of time discussing this. And we do this with knowledge of TV calibration, not only using games, movies and pictures but also test patterns.

The Limited signal is obviously different from the Full, so you can't expect to get the proper image without adjusting for it. I suggest all of you who do not know of this to take your time to read up on TV calibration, because you're likely to have a whole lot of other settings on your TV wrong.

It's sad that the majority who have expensive AV equipment know so little about it. It's even more sad that so few can accept that they've been using it wrong, after spending a lot of money on it.

Johnny Rotten3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

sorry dino jesus but my eyes say your still wrong. I have a list of professional calibrated settings for my TV and half of them came from AVForums. Over the last couple weeks of playing around with them I've decided that it looks pretty damn good with the settings set to FULL.

Giriath3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I really don't know what's left to argue. I think the pic of Isaac's back is a great reference. The color of his armor turns to dark orange with Full, which is obviously oversaturated. And you don't see as much detail in the blacks as you do with Limited.

Johnny Rotten3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I just check my TV and the manual and it accepts the HDMI RBG as FULL, so maybe that's why it looks better with it on.

dragunrising3562d ago

If your TV accepts Full RGB and your TV is calibrated to take advantage of it, then it is probably the better setting.

My TV on the other hand doesn't not accept it (didn't know at first). Full RGB made blacks appear as crushed. As a result, RGB limited made things look much better.

The comparison is interesting to say the least. Case in point, Gamespot should use RGB limited with the TV that is used. Too dark.

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Arsenal4Ever3562d ago

I guess I should set mine back to Limited HDMI then - better picture quality.

Kushan3562d ago

Don't listen to this tripe. It's got nothing to do with monitors versus TV's, it just so happens that monitors support it (usually) and some TV's don't. Here, this is Sony's official stance on it:

"Adjust the output settings for TVs that support RGB full range. For RGB video signals, the range of color scale that is input varies depending on the TV in use. This setting is for use when the TV is connected to the PS3™ system using an HDMI cable."


Notice that monitors are not mentioned anywhere.

UltimateIdiot9113562d ago

Just because the manual doesn't say it, doesn't mean using Full on monitor isn't better.

The best way to find out what's best is to play around with the settings and do a little research.

Giriath3562d ago

Yes, but Sony's description is wrong. Seriously, when people have measured the output with expensive equipment and seen exactly what it does, how can you doubt them?

LorD3562d ago

I have a Sony Bravia Z4600, and thanks to Dino-Raptor dude, I know now why my damn games look so freaking dark.

thanks dude! bubbles for ya

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