Gamepyre: Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box Review

The game's graphics are not the sharpest graphics found in a racing game. The game's sound, while good is definitely not great. Even the controls and the gameplay could use a bit of improvement. What makes this game great is the fun factor and as long as players have fun playing a game, that game can stay fresh forever. Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box will certainly remain fresh until EA will release the next Burnout game, but until that that happens you might as well try to own the streets of Paradise City. Multiplayer is the best aspect to this game; crashing into other real players is a lot of fun but if multiplayer is not your thing, unless you really like arcade style racing games, well, you know the rest.

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DavidMacDougall3587d ago

This game should be over a 9

Powertesties3587d ago

This game is bad-ass! I love the use of the camera. One of the coolest things I have seen in a long time.

DARKDRAGON2543587d ago

The whole intro part is weird. So since it wasnt out on PC in 2009 the vote for game of the year shouldnt count? Its not like its a different game. Spike isnt the only company that gave it Racing Game of the Year also. Almost seemed like they never heard of burnout. They didnt even mention that the Ultimate box is the same game with all the DLC. He actually compared it to GRID and Test Drive. Totally different types of games.

spunnups3587d ago

Burnout and Motorstorm were the best racers of 08, this mag has lost it to not give this atleast a 9.

somekindofmike3587d ago

That was one of the worst review's I have ever read!

He was just a really bad journalist, and the review was just poor! I can tick that website off as a no go zone!

yojoe263587d ago

I want to get a racer, but I can't decide between Burnout Paradise and Motorstorm 2. Any ideas?