Gamepyre: Harbinger Review

In conclusion, Gamepyre's blunt opinion about Harbinger is that it is a pig with lipstick. It is presented as a futuristic RPG style game set in outer space but offers very few differences from past releases. The idea of a slave ship bent on destroying the universe is a very intriguing and interesting game theme but Harbinger fails to deliver anything truly distinct from past dungeon style RPG games. They liked the fact that there was a lot of artistic detail, especially to the ships settings and they liked the different races. What they did not like about Harbinger is the fact that it offers very little innovation and improvement in the field of role playing game. The sounds and graphics are repetitive and this takes away from the overall joy of gameplay. Harbinger fails to offer any real differences from past RPG games and they find it very difficult to recommend this game for your use today.

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