Gamepyre: Spyro: Dawn of Dragon Review

Gamepyre writes:

"Covering the parent perspective is very easy in this game's case. The Legend of Spyro - Dawn of the Dragon is rated E10+ (everyone ages 10 and up) due to fantasy violence. As a parent it is up to you to decide what your kids play or watch, but in my opinion this game offers no more violence then what you find in Saturday morning cartoons. However, speaking from a child's perspective about this game is going to be very hard. Personally, I thought that the game was redundent and boring and not necessarely because of the actual game but because of the gameplay. The controls were so sensitive that on some of the jumps that Spyro and Cynder have to make I ended up doing over and over again until I got lucky and twitched my thumb the right way. Unless your kid has his or her heart set on this game I would suggest trying to rent it first. Depending on your child's ability to handle the Xbox360 controller he or she might be drawn in by this game or they may abandon it within just a few minutes. It really is a gamble."

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