Killzone 2 to Bring In More Exclusives

"The highly anticipated first-person shooter, Killzone 2, is inching its way towards release on February 27, but there is much more to look forward to than just the game."

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LarVanian3587d ago

Huzzah! Huzzah! Sorry I couldn't help myself.
But anyway I'd love to see more games use the Guerilla PS3 engine. Just think of any sort of racing game using it.

Nick2120043587d ago

The PS3 already has Gran Turismo. I do not see the Killzone 2 engine working well with a racer. Nice thinking though.

Powertesties3587d ago

Sales are important and so far, there are not even enough pre-orders for a midnight launch. That will greatly hinder the 'exclusives' this article is talking.

xwabbit3587d ago

The more money First party exclusives get the better for us :), means will get fresh IP's and better sequels ^_^, this applies to all consoles of course.

xabmol3587d ago

Could you imagine if the next Ratchet & Clank had that amazing lighting?

3587d ago
spandexxking3587d ago

halo with GG engine, if only.

CaseyRyback_CPO3587d ago

Anyone notice that the replay modes have 2 very good lookking modes of the alternate roof/rear cams? They have slight vignettes around them(dark circle around the edge) But they look soooo good. The framerate isn't as good as the rest of the views, but I think thats what they were showing off.

Also, in the GG interviews one of the Technical Directors says "Dont be suprised if you see upcoming racing games using this technology" -losely quoted.

Gran turismo looks amazing as it is, but checkout those views in the replay mode, if the entire game looked like that.. I'd piss myself.

morganfell3587d ago

Sales won't necessarily hinder exclusivity. The Killzone 2 engine was specifically engineered for the PS3. It is property of Sony and was built by Guerrilla with great assistance from Sony engineers. Killzone 2 wasn't just a game. It was also a PS3 R&D project. Several white papers have been published to date with more to follow including a keynote at GDC.

Usability isn't just a matter of licensing. A great engine is useless without a tool suite. A lot will ride on that factor. The Warhound engine wasn't licensed due to lack of tools. The same is true for the Doom III engine seeing only a little employment. I would say Sony and Guerrilla actions point to continued usage so likely tools were built.

If Sony were to offer that engine for free to people building PS3 titles and the engine is user friendly then you will see a flood of titles built for a console that will bust 30 million before the end of the calendar year.

phosphor1123587d ago

I know what views you are talking about. I love it. Looks exactly like a camera on a real race car.

Anyway, thats not deferred rendering. Guerilla made their engine backwards in a sense, most engines (example, Source, UE3) have a global light, in which other light sources are added, then processed to create shadows. GG on the other hand, they created an engine that is based on shadows. They add light sources, and the engine processes the lights, so the shadows become more dynamic and easily manipulated with movement. That is deferred rendering my friend.

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killzone2flop3587d ago

Hahahhahahaha hahahahahaha more Exclusive's.Also Killzone 2 Game engine only supports Grey so no one will be interested when most of the Developers in the world use Unreal Engine.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

the UE3 is old now you dumbass, they should of made Ps2 games with that engine

EDIT: Oh! sorry, i have been informed that the UE3 was originally designed for the NES, sorry my bad

b777conehead3587d ago

i know why you do not want any more exclusives from kilzone. because you know your pos 360 want run it. and the fact that you are so busy looking up sales and money information tells me you have no games for your 360. why dint you go buy you a ps3 so you can be a gamer again and not a sales record person.

Handsome_Devil3587d ago

actually happen,, and it would only means more good looking games for us gamers.

I can only hope developers would do so :)

Sayai jin3587d ago

I agree. The only thing there are very few developers that will invest 50 million USD and 4 years like KZ2 had. I just is not realistic. One can dream though.

JRaptor3587d ago

I fully agree. The big counter-argument against the graphics of Killzone 2 is how long it took to develop. However if they license the is worth much more than the time and money that was put into it. If they go down the route of bigger cell for the ps4, then the engine can just be given a bit of a revamp and they will get a lot of mileage out of it.

I really hope that they do license the engine, or even just parts of it.

Nick2120043587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Be sure to name a title that you would like to see use the Killzone 2 engine. Ill start off by saying Resistance because lets say I want to play a more fast paced shooter, I could play Resistance and still have these amazing visuals and gameplay elements.

Jinxstar3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Crack me up fishy =D bubs you too nick.

I would like to see something a little brighter is all... The atmosphere looks great for KZ2 I just like maybe something like COD4 pallet running on that engine. Bionic Commando or something.

Nick2120043587d ago

Grand Theft Auto would be pretty crazy with that engine as well but I doubt the PS3 would be powerful enough for that. Killzone 2 quality buildings, vehicles, weather effects,moving people, and all the other stuff.

LarVanian3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

This sounds like a really crazy idea but I would love to see a Medievil game on PS3 using the Guerilla engine.
A Pursuit Force game on PS3 using the engine would be great too.

Danja3587d ago

Twisted Metal...

or a Destruction Derby sequel.....

Traveler3587d ago

Absolutely. Twisted Metal would be a perfect fit for this engine. That would be amazing.

shawnsl653587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

teenage mutant ninja turtle (4 players of course), Bomberman, Metal Slugs, Raiden (airplane game), Double Dragon, Final Fight, Contra. hmm wut am i missing.. think that's all I can think of for now that I would like to see. Although I would prefer other devs building even better engines so that my eyes can fall out do to goodness of quality.

TenSteps3586d ago

"Big Rigs 2: Over the Road, Under the Bridges, Through the Buildings, Straight up the Mountains, and Into the Abyss Racing"

Or abbreviated

"Big Rigs 2: Your Winner"

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dukadork23587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

you don't wanna dumb it down for crappy consoles
[email protected] that

edit: below "Just look at Gears of War 2"

i've looked at gears1/2 many many times and since my head is out of my ass, my eyes can see crystal clear the undeniable truth:

killzone 2 OBLITERATES gears 2
it's not even the same league: period

now you can give all the "non-fanboy" politically correct bullsh!t you want, it doesn't change this HARD HARD FACT.

Nick2120043587d ago

If you are talking about the Xbox 360 you are clearly a fanboy. Xbox 360 has a great video game library and argubly a better online service than PSN. The Xbox 360 is capable of amazing graphics as well. Just look at Gears of War 2.

satyam3587d ago

best graphics ever

even the youtube vid of KZ2 embarrasses x360's entire gaming lineup

terrandragon3587d ago

You can never tell if you don't try. Have you tried? Didn't think so.

satyam3587d ago

I have played the MP BETA which was incredible

and KZ2 has 93% at meta. so that should give u an idea. Had the game been nothing less than stellar then it would have been shafted by reviewers

Most eu websites term KZ2 as the best fps ever

U cant even name a 360 game cuz all look like crap vs KZ2

Nick2120043587d ago

I never said that Gears of War 1 and 2 are in the same league but it still has amazing graphics. The 360 is capable of amazing graphics as well is a great console.

fingazblank3587d ago

You guys having a laugh, or what, how come when sony get a jewel you lot ruin it, i cant imagine how the network play is going to be like on this game. Foul mouthed youts f=giving it the biggun then go to skool and get robbed by the real bully's

Unreal 3 is the best middleware there is out there at the moment, source a close second, sony will have to do alot of licensing to get develpoers to using this tech on games whic will come to the xbox. Sad but true my pedigree chums.

trancefreak3587d ago

@ Fingaz WTF you talking about man. My lord learn to clearly write a sentence.

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