WoW Rookie: Level 80 - now what?

Ding ... you're 80! So what are you going to be when you grow up? Don't get WoW Insider wrong: levelling your first character to 80 (especially if this is your first massively multiplayer online game) is a not-insignificant accomplishment – but you're not quite ready for prime time yet. Hitting level 80 in WoW is less like being a graduating senior than it is being a new sophomore. You've finished WoW 101; now it's time to make sure you've covered all your core classes and start taking a stab at some electives and specialized coursework.

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JonahFalcon3589d ago

I stopped playing WoW a while ago. A lot of money for... what? I felt no sense of accomplishment in anything I did.

Max Power3589d ago

i made it to level 70 and stopped playing.

Baka-akaB3589d ago

Since when is a mmo , hell any game made for accomplishement ? You just play it as long as it's fun to you .

silverchode3589d ago

if you play WOW for more than 3 hours you got a problem.

JonahFalcon3589d ago

I wouldn't go there. But I just felt like I was grinding to ... what? Nothing.

Baka-akaB3589d ago

What i find funny is the article forgetting the maybe one sensible thing to do once you're "done" with a character :

restart one of another class , and since the game allow it a bit , with it's faction and multiple races ... start in another place .

Scerick3589d ago

And I'm having a lot of fun with the new expansion. Really didn't think I'd ever have fun with WoW again.

stealthmog3589d ago

the expansion is definitely awesome im having alot of fun with it

kornbeaner3589d ago

I avoided WoW for 3 years and now have just picked it up for the first time and its great fun, but I feel that once I get to 80 with the only character I have, I'll be done. There are far to many games out and coming out that I want to play that starting a new character once the first is capped just doesn't seem to attractive.

Filanime033589d ago

dude believe me once you reach the cap level that is where it get more addicting. I reach level 60 before the expansions came out and got so addicted gearing up and pvping in the game. I stop because its not fun anymore. I stop cause I want to get my life back and I am getting fat. I wanna go back playing because I really want to know the story but I know I have to resist if I still want's to pass my classes.

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