The complete Flower trophy guide have posted the complete guide to getting all the Trophies in the PSN exclusive game Flower. Also included is a guide to finding all the secret flowers on each level.

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Venomish3588d ago

Thank a lot that is gonna help me get 100% in this "game" :)

The40Watt3588d ago

It is just a shame that there is no Platinum Trophy.

Mikelarry3588d ago

no matter how many times u try i doubt you will be able to get the pure one. i dont understand the controls are fine till you get to the bit where the towers start collapsing then your controls magically dont respond.

PirateThom3588d ago

I almost managed it.

You need to hit all the pink bunches when it's collapsing (and I mean all, you miss one, you're done) and then slow right down (which doesn't help that much, because the "wind" kicks in and you follow it automaticall) and move up when the "spikes" are coming out of the walls and ground.

It's shocking that the last trophy I need is a bronzer.

Telloth3588d ago

For Pure at the end, when the stuff starts collapsing just rise as high as you can into the air and don't press x. You'll move at a slow pace and won't get harmed. You will have to do a bit of dodging but I managed it fist time this way.

The40Watt3588d ago

Also you will go slower if you collect less flowers along the way.

BenderDGreat823588d ago

Wonderful, Wonderful game!! I've told all my friends to get this because it's such a unique, beautiful experience.

Steveoreno3588d ago

This game is awesome! It can show anyone the power of HD1080p and Dolby Digital Surround, and how the Sony Playstation delivers it better then anything!

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