WTP Review: X-Blades

X-Blades is an action game that stars a young female treasure hunter named Ayumi, who finds a mystic map leading her to a castle full of ancient riches. To find her way to the treasure, she must fight through thousands of enemy creatures, including spiders, sorcerers, warriors, and crabs.

The style of the game is best described as a "hack-and-slash" title, as you'll spend much of the adventure frantically tapping on a button to use Ayumi's blades to cut up enemies. Her swords also have firearm capabilities, and you can use another button to fire bullets at enemies from afar. Ayumi can also cast several magic spells, which fall into a number of categories including fire, ice, and lightning magic. Additional spells and upgrades can be purchased using "souls" earned from killing enemies and picking up items in the environments. Ayumi may also earn the ability to change into a "light" or "dark" version of herself at a point in the game, which offers increased skills and powers that can be helpful when facing certain enemies.

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