Could the iPhone Take Down the PSP or DS?

Since the device's launch in the summer of 2007, iPhone mania has swept the nation. A cultural phenomenon, the device has racked up millions and millions of sales. And since July of last year, people have realized that the sexy little device can play games too, begging the question of whether not the iPhone will ever seriously compete with the PSP or DS.

End Verdict:
The iPhone will likely hurt the PSP, but will probably not affect the DS

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Chris3993562d ago

"The huge difference between these two platforms is the size of the actual games. iPhone games are typically small, bite-sized morsels that don’t take longer than ten to twenty minutes to play. PSP game sessions can sometimes be as long as console sessions, as the device is practically a console with a screen built in."

The DS offers a variety of quick-play casual software, as well as a few hardcore titles. It is far more comparable with the Ipod's current lineup. The Ipod is by it's nature a casual device with relatively fancy (questionable) technology. It is heavily simplified in it's use and features much like the Mac OS, much like a DS. The PSP is fundamentally a device aimed at technology enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. It has a learning curve and can be confusing to newcomers.

Oh, and this year looks to be one of the best as far as software is concerned for the PSP. New titles are announced almost every day. Next month alone I have: Phantasy Star Portable, Mana Khemina PSP and Resistance Retribution. I still have to pick up Prinny and I never got around to playing Patapon either (just the demo).

The PSP has no games argument is terribly old and tired. The system has an excellent catalog of software that spans a variety of genres. The same could be said of the DS (though they do have many, many more casual games overall).

It's really up to the Ipod and secondarily Apple to prove that they have a decent games lineup and the ability to compete with full priced hand-held software, aside from the glorified flash games that they currently offer.

Awesome Possum3562d ago

Well the iphone is a bit late to the party.

MNicholas3562d ago

The iphone is not the kind of device your grandma will buy for you at Walmart/Target for christmas, hannukah, birthday, etc...

A better question is if the iphone provide a huge market for game developers? Obviously, the answer is yes. It already does.

butterfinger3562d ago

for the iPhone is that it's sales are restricted due to it's AT&T exclusivity. The exclusive deal was great for AT&T (I switched from Verizon finally because of the iPhone), but for Apple it would most likely be better once they can get it out to more carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile). I love my iPhone and play games on it all the time, but I can't see it doing much against the DS. However, a $99 iPhone could shake things up a bit.

Powertesties3562d ago

NO! Of course not. While games are possible on the iphone/touch, without proper controls it is not a grand experience.

Handhelds are safe for a bit longer.

AriesFury3561d ago

It has better storage than the others and graphics to compare to those on the PSP.

Powertesties3561d ago

the PSP but not the DS. The PSP is almost dead anyways.

ThanatosDMC3561d ago

I want a slim... cuz i cant get the fat one to use RemoteJoy so i need to upgrade to PSP-2000 so i can use the TV out. But i wonder if it's a hassle to my left hand when connected.

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Parapraxis3562d ago

I really find it hard to believe the iPhone will have any impact on the PSP.

L-a-i-n3562d ago

I don't think the Iphone will do anything to either the DS or PSP. To even put the Iphone in the same league as the DS and PSP is a discredit to gamers. The Iphone is a phone and not a really good one. It is pretty much a Ipod with some phone features. They do have a few small good games on it(as all cell phones do), but not even close to quality that you will find on the DS and PSP.

deeznuts3562d ago

No. I don't even use my iphone for ipod features. It's for my business, it has apps and email. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Leio3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Only idiots think that Iphone can put up a fight against Psp and DS on the gaming front... Its just stupid. Iphone need at least a serious redesign before even becoming a competitor not mentioning the supports they need from game makers...

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