The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap [14/2/2009]

The PS Blog recap all the weeks happenings in PS Land.

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CaseyRyback_CPO3589d ago

/6 Is by far the biggest joke of the PS3's history. I dont get why these clowns were picked for SOCOM?!?! Bad management man

zeph943589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Hey it may have been retarded in the beginning but right now I'm playing it with all of my friends and it's pretty fun. Although I think that what Zipper is working on now (MAG) will blow it away

SmokingMonkey3589d ago

at least we have Zipper working on MAG

MAG "sounds" amazing and since Zipper has been workin on it since what? finishing Socom3/Conf on PS2

MAG will be phenominal! 256! 256!!!!! 128 vs 128!!!!!

developed by Zipper only on the PS3

CaseyRyback_CPO3589d ago

#1, /6 sold a game with the features listed on the BOX of the game not being IN the game.

#2 /6 is retarded.

#3 Socom still freezes while playing.


I force myself to play it, because it IS enjoyable, but its a terrible product. It just shows you how diehard the Socom community is, that we will literally play the worst crap ever, just because it does provide some intense matches when everything works.

The game DOES work, just the features taht make it socom, aren't in it. Just sad. The performance is BS, /6 can choke and die tonight.

zeph943589d ago

I hope MAG comes out soon but until then...I guess I'll just have to put up with /6

Powertesties3589d ago

With the middle finger aspect of the first post (Socom). I have never felt this screwed before. The only thing that makes me happy is that I have given this game to as many of my friends as I possible could have. You know you can share your purchased games!

Other wise I would never do this but we all were funked by this game!

I tried to play Socom to day and after waiting for ever to get into a game, the servers went down and was unable to play. Funk you Socom!

BattleAxe3589d ago

@ Casey

I am as frustrated as you about Socom, and I wouldn't play it until it got the 1.3 patch. I've started playing it again lately, and its now the way it should have been upon release.

Theres a map pack with 5 maps coming out soon. 3 of the maps are Socom 2 remakes and the other 2 are new ones. I'm quite excited about this.

I totally agree though, that Slant Six screwed the pooch big time, and there was no excuse for it. All they can do now is learn from past experience and continue to enhance the Socom: Confrontation experience.

Powertesties3589d ago

Is with the load times. Even if the game crashed ever so often I could live with it. But the load times are insane. Waiting 2 minutes to get into the game and then waiting minutes to find the servers then to get into the game play. Complete crap!

Who wants the game for free?

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