'Dead Rising' (X360) to Get Co-Op?

According to a the rumor section in the April EGM issue, a Dead Rising Platinum edition might feature an additional co-op mode, also downloadable for current owners via Xbox Live.

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marionz4276d ago

ive spent alot of time on this game! trying to get all the achievements is crazy hard! but im still not sick of it yet so co-op would be awesome, bring on DR2

original seed4276d ago

most likely it will be 4 the sequel

UrbanJabroni4276d ago

Just doesn't seem to keep with EGM's style. This is the sort of vague "joke" that is too close to an actual possibility and could actually hurt Capcom...with users upset that they didn't get their Co-Op. EGM tends to have a little more class than that...such as the infamous "Shen Long" streetfighter Fiasco that made Capcom a billion dollars as people tried to unlock that "hidden character."

Boink4276d ago

is exactly what this game should have had on release, dunno why it wasn't.

zonetrooper54276d ago

If its true than i shall download it.

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