512MB Memory Unit for Xbox 360 and Increased Xbox Live Arcade Game Size Limit

At the Game Developers Conference 2007, Microsoft announced plans to launch a 512MB Memory Unit for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and an increase in the official size limit of Xbox Live Arcade games from 50 MB to 150 MB.

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sak5004301d ago

what about bigger hard drive? We need this more than 512mb card.

Steve5194300d ago

this stroy is already on I posted it earlier

Boink4300d ago

on it's way very soon:)

Smoove8084300d ago

Who needs this, gimmie a break. Just get with the program and offer the monster HDD already. I haven't used up my recent space. I just delete the crappy demos. There is nothing worth filling up the Xbox with at the moment anyway. Mp3s, not worthy, just keep em on the Zune, Photos, gimmie a break. HD content, movies and television and of course XBLA, this is what its for. An extra 512 isn't gonna help for few more HD episodes of CSI. There isn't enough Arcade games to even break a gig it seems, and consider you don't download every darn game. Its just a useless tool if I may say, trying to grab your extra dollar. Its no sweat of there back. First the 512 than the 1gig and 2gig and so on. I got USB and memory sticks coming out my ears. If I need an extra 512 let me plug my SanDisk in. Sorry if I seem shallow and insensitive to those of you that absolutely need this 512 but........forget it, I've said enough.

zonetrooper54300d ago

Its about time MS but i've got thr hard drivr, i hope they release a bigger hard drive.

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