Gentlemen, start your next-generation game console rumors

The video game console wars have been kind of boring lately, with no hot rumors to talk about. But Charlie Demerjian of the Inquirer tech news site has kicked off a new round of chatter about which chips are going to be in the PlayStation 4, the Wii 2 and the Xbox3 (not the official names). There isn't any official information on this yet. And it's pretty early for the console makers to lock down on contracts with chip makers. But Charlie has dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the discussion for the sake of judging the plausibility of these rumors.
Dean Takahashi message today is, Lets not get carried away.Demerjian says Intel has paid to secure a place for its new graphics chip, code-named Larrabee, in Sony's next-generation console. He says that Advanced Micro Devices has locked up a graphics chip deal to get into the Xbox 360's successor. And he thinks that, while not confirmed, AMD will also win the graphics chip for the Wii 2...

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