Wii MotionPlus : A new logo confirmed via Virtua Tennis 2009 boxart

LiveWii : "Since the official press release of Virtua Tennis 2009 for Wii, one question stayed without an answer : will the game feature a Wii MotionPlus compatibility ? The boxart that Sega has sent us confirms a new logo for the new accessory and that Virtua Tennis 2009 will be fully compatible with it."

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Product3562d ago

Wow didnt think this game would be the one that would confirm the motion+ logo but this is a def. buy since i absolutely love tennis(and f1,lemans bring those games to wii) and this being the best tennis series coming to wii with motion plus and just got a sale.

Final_Rpg3561d ago

Tennis one of those few sports that really prosper with the wii remote scheme. I'm excited for motion plus and a new zelda game as well.

bigjclassic3561d ago

yes Wii motionplus and Virtua Tennis?? Its gotta be online and we have a winner.

Gr813561d ago

It also confirmed Wi-fi as well.

AnthonyB3561d ago

Yes, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Wii MotionPlus. I wonder if the game supports Wii Balance Board too for some training ? Anyway, let's wait for the first medias from SEGA.

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