AceGamez: Hotel Giant 2 Review

Playing Hotel Giant 2 is definitely not forbidden though. Management focused simulation games that anyone without a degree in Business Studies can understand are few and far between, especially one with an eye for the hotel market. It's true that this game is a gem in its genre - you won't find a better hotel management simulator without a great deal of searching - but AceGamez is not saying this is a perfect game with no room for improvement. As it stands, they can't see that many hardcore win-or-lose, do-or-die gamers will rush to the stores, as there is not any real competition or even much of a desire to make money - losing the green stuff by the barrel load doesn't seem to affect the game at all. Instead, the people who should consider buying this game are the more leisurely gamers who favour games that involve caring for people like The Sims and Theme Park World over fast-paced shooters such as Unreal Tournament III.

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