X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Gameplay Video

Gameplay video from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Supercalifragili3564d ago

I heard there is a demo coming soon. True?

dachiefsman3564d ago

i hope the game looks kick a**!

JokesOnYou3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

It's cool but the strength of Wolverine seems toned down a bit, I'd like to see him cut the tail off the helicopter with one vicious swipe....his claws are made of Adamantium for god's sake!...come on make Wolverine the badass shiii talkin' mofo that he's suppose to be. Please.


rhood0223563d ago


He has his bone claws in the scene with the helicopter. He is dragged from the wreckage to the facility where he gets the adamantium as seen in the next cutscene.

ThanatosDMC3563d ago

Hulk vs Wolverine <-- y'all should watch this short movie

Hulk >>>>> Wolverine though. It's like a Titan vs a puppy.

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Simon_Brezhnev3564d ago

i have some high hopes for the game now

Dino3564d ago

thats awesome how you can see damage on logan

II Necroplasm II3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Awesome that this is ingame, cutscenes look just amazing.
that is is insane. Wow 2009 already blows away 2008!

Theory Of Xboxism3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

looks great , as you can see they're playing the superior version on the xbox 360

talltony3563d ago

360 is easier to develop for. Fact the ps3 is being held back by the 360. Why would you think its better because a superior multiplatform game is on it? I cannot congradulate a system with inferior hardware that has a better version of a multiplatform game.

Theory Of Suckboxism3563d ago

Go easy on me please,we Xbox 360 owners have no good exclusives this year so we take anything we can,even if it is total crap like Halo Wars for example :)

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The story is too old to be commented.