Massively: One Shots: Throwing the gauntlet down

Now Massively has seen people proud of their guild before, but there's something about the PvP action in Warhammer Online that takes that pride to a whole new nearly-smack-talking level. You see, today's One Shots seems like it's just an image of a Dwarf holding a standard, but the note that came along with it from Dablast put a whole different spin on it. Dab writes in: "This is my Engineer, Dablast, who recently co-founded the only all-Engineer guild on Sylvania server - Short Fuses. Being a new guild, we are slowly leveling up and recently unlocked our Guild Standard (which I am proudly holding in the picture). I love the twin moons in the background, which seem to slightly change from zone to zone, growing darker and more menacing the closer you get to Destruction lands. Let's see how the battle goes when an entire warband of Short Fuses deploys their Turrets and begin lobbing grenades at their enemies. WAUGGGH!"

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