Capcom Shutting Down Resident Evil Outbreak(PS2) Servers

Capcom regretfully announces that the server for their Playstation 2 online game Resident Evil Outbreak: File#2 will be closing at the end of March 2007.

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BIadestarX4276d ago

First Konami now Capcom. Hurry up people Sony online network has a "dead" line. Hey at least is free. It's not like any of you are paying for this service. What are you going to do?

wildcat4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

for an old PS2 game

eques judicii4276d ago

blue print... isn't that the point? when the service has to be offloaded to the producers then when the support dwindles they have not financial incentive to keep the servers running. There will probably be a lifespan on all PSN games because of this. It might be 2-3 years, but still... I can go back and play old xbox games online and the servers are still up... there might be no one playing, but I could go online and call one of my friends from back in seattle to have him get on... and voila!! online play that works!

shikwan4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

I can still play Unreal Championship-from Oct 2002-on XBL (or any 1st gen XBL title). I guess those are the little known benefits of a unified online service.

Once Resistence becomes 'nostalgic', good luck finding a server to play it on!

BIadestarX4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Sony Online service is just a marketting strategy just to say "we also have online multiplay!" but in reality only an idiot would expect a free service to be as good as a premium one. These "shut downs" prove why xbox live is still the best in the business. expect the samething to happen to PS3 games 1-3 years after their release, when the next version is released or if the game does not sell as well. Let's face it we all love to hear the word "free" but there is always a reason why something is free when it comes from a profitable organization. If Sony's online service would to become better than xbox live and stay free than xbox live would also be free. Sony online service is designed to sell consoles and to sell games once those 2 criterias a met support for old games will be dropped. Sony's online network is short-term. Is designed to make people buy the latest games if they want to play online. XBox live is designed to be independent from developers and self sustainable. This is why eventhough the PS2 is far from dead and still in production online is dying, but the original xbox is discontinued and no longer supported and yet xbox live is on it is still kicking.

r10004276d ago

These are good points... I wonder what Sony has in mind for things like this?

Lex Luthor4276d ago

Give it 2 years and resistance and motorstorm will be next. At least with live we are guaranteed a contstant service.

PureGamer4276d ago

with no one on it, if you sorry sons of b1tches actually play resi outbreak then you have just been mugged out of your money.

jpod4276d ago

those servers don't really have to be shutdown. they could be used for future games. like if resistance 2 comes around, they'll just make it for that game.