Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Goes Gold, Full List of Achievements Released

The game will be released on March 8 and has already reached the vaunted gold status. Due to this, Ubisoft has released a full list of achievements to be earned in game by players.

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travieso064304d ago

my friend is already playing this game...

videogamenews4304d ago


That was a week or two ago so they might have changed a little. If not then this is old news ;)

4304d ago
smeg0rz4304d ago

Gold was out last week, it's been posted on the internet (those damn pirates)

Havince4304d ago

im enjoying rainbow six 2 much. theres not enough new from GRAW1

Scrooge4304d ago

Not enough new? Have you played it, or are you just judging a game before it's released? Game critics who have played this say that it's everything a sequel should be. I'm going to trust what they have to say.

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