HD DVD to Offer 5 Free Movies with New Player Purchase

Toshiba in order to combat the growth of Blu-ray will begin to offer 5 free movies with the Purchase of a new Toshiba HD-DVD player. This comes after the announcement that Sony will cut Blue-Ray prices 50% by years end. Blu-ray sales have seen a dramatic increase since the inclusion of PS3 in sales figures.

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wildcat4301d ago

talk about desperation

scriptkiddie4301d ago

"talk about desperation"

no desperation is bundling a movie with a game machine!

BIadestarX4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Call it wherever you want. But I think they just find out how to double or even tripple the number of blu-ray disk shipped/sold from a company called Sony. Sony boost the blu-ray disk numbers by bundling with the PS3. Let see how HD-DVD numbers look after this.
"Sony will cut Blue-Ray prices 50% by years end" the same can be said about Sony.

Bathyj4301d ago

That a good point. However the Euro/Oz launch are getting Casino Royal BR's and PS3 will probably sell alot more in March/April than HDDVD players so those numbers might kind of balance each other out.

Desparation is a Stinky Colonge.

Marty83704301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

PS3 is making sure of that. Without Hollywood movie studio support HD DVD will never catch on.

BIadestarX4301d ago

You are right... but you know what interest me the most? With all the hollywood support blu-ray is getting, all the PS3 drives out there, all the exclusive studios leaning towards blu-ray the gap between blu-ray and hd-dvd is like less than 2%. barely a difference between day and night.

xbox360migs4301d ago

look, I know blu-ray has more support but... It's not like Hd dvd has non at all, It really does my head in when people say that. Universal are not a small dumb company you know! and yes the ratio of blu ray players out there in the form of Ps3's compared to Hd Dvd players is huge but compare that to how many blu-ray discs sold per machine to Hd dvd's sold per machine and the results are interesting.

grifter0244301d ago

That is true people always over exaggerate the truth. Blu--ray is doing ok . I mean most of the movies on BLuray I do want.. But hddvd is not out yet come on .. Just wait hddvd will come back

FeralPhoenix4301d ago

Niether format has persuaded me to "jump in"....but thats an agreesive move on Toshiba's part....wonder how much in terms of money it will cost them?....ha,ha maybe M$ threw a little in the pot. -LOL, now thats fighting dirty.

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The story is too old to be commented.