Race Pro - Race Academy Pt.2 Video

In the video they speak about attacking strategies, as well as how AI reacts to your driving style. Check it out below.

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cronaldo73357d ago

The game is the same Race 07/ GTR Evolution from PC.

Very good game.

GVON3356d ago

My problem is it I can't use my G25 so unless it his the PC it wont go near it

Speed-Racer3357d ago

I wouldnt say its the exact same, but very similar. However, things finally look promising... cant wait for it to be released.

Zeus Lee3357d ago

Interesting,is this going to be a budget game or full priced?

JokesOnYou3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I like the in car view, very nice, some people are just so full of envy, once again another great game coming to the 360 really bothers them.


Speed-Racer3357d ago

It initially was 60 bucks, now its 40. Simbin games are relatively cheap imo.

Nater3357d ago

Looks pretty sweet! =D

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The story is too old to be commented.