SCEA almost responds to lackluster January NPD results

Andrew Yoon writes - Sony's PS3 slump continues. The high price of the PS3, coupled with a weak economy, has proven a one-two punch against Sony's current home console. PS3 sold 203k units in North America in the month of January. While this may sound good, a look at 2008's results shows a grim trend for Sony. While both the Wii and Xbox 360 have gained momentum from 2008 to 2009, PS3 has actually dropped down.

Things may change for Sony, especially with another year of fantastic exclusives planned for the system. Peter Dille, SVP of Marketing, ignores the January NPD results entirely and instead looks towards the future. "The PlayStation brand experienced a record year in sales in 2008 and we have every reason to believe our blockbuster line up combined with PS3's position as the best Blu-ray player and most sophisticated entertainment device out there, will continue to fuel increased marketshare and momentum into 2009. We've truly upped the ante this year with an unmatched software lineup ahead, kickstarting with the much anticipated and platform-moving title Killzone 2 later this month. We're the only company to offer three viable platforms today and will continue to deliver a seamless and comprehensive entertainment experience to our customers for many years to come."

It's true that PS3 does many things: it's a great games player, a sophisticated Blu-ray player, and has free access to the PlayStation Network. However, will consumers respond to that message? Only time will tell.

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Killzonegamer843414d ago

So if PS3 sales are "lackluster" where does that leave 360 sales considering the 360 cheap SKU is a whole $200.00 cheaper then the PS3 and even the good 60gb sku is only $299.99 and STILL cant manage to dominate the PS3 in sales, only outsold it by 100 thousand?! But but but i thought teh 360 had teh Halo and teh Halo wars and teh Gears and teh teh GTA IV dlc.

My point is this, if the 360 is so great and mighty how come its not killing the PS3 in terms of sales when its half the price and not only that but getting KILLED by the wii with the wii even having crappy games for the most part and even $50.00 more expensive!!!!

So back to my question, if PS3 sales are "lackluster" where does that leave 360 sales?!

Simon_Brezhnev3414d ago

u know they had to write a doom article it been a while should be more around killzone release date

Chicken Chaser3414d ago

damn!!... I'm getting dizzy from all that spinning! Some one make him stop!

pswi603414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

if they keep focusing on sales, maybe gamers will forget about Sony's lineup for 2009....

January 2007 360 sales = 294,000
January 2008 360 sales = 230,000 (-22%)
January 2009 360 sales = 309,000

Looks like the 360 had a slump before its' price cut while the economy was still in good shape, but these journalists have a hard on for the ps3

heroicjanitor3414d ago

It is a fact that we are in a recession and ps3 is twice as expensive. Sony can't afford to drop their own price because of the stronger yen. Seems like everything is working against Sony.

Sitdown3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

The same argument you use to fuel your argument, can be the same argument to cripple your argument. Yes, there is a 360 SKU that is at $199.99, but all those numbers are not from that unless you know the percentage of cores to premium to is sort of hard for you to use that argument. Yeah, you might say that it was "only outsold it by 100 thousand"...but guess what...when you look at the bank, I am pretty sure Microsoft does not mind that extra hundred thousand.

You make the statement "My point is this, if the 360 is so great and mighty how come its not killing the PS3 in terms of sales when its half the price and not only that but getting KILLED by the wii with the wii even having crappy games for the most part and even $50.00 more expensive!!!!"

First...if the 360 is being "killed" by the Wii.....does that mean that the ps3 is being massacred by it? That tends to be the default with ps3 fans...when they can't combat the fact that the 360 has sold better than the ps3...they bring in the Wii...and then all the other times they discount the wii and say it is not next gen. I say make up your not bring the Wii into the equation only when it is convenient. Consider this...despite the different in price, the 360 is a year older (which means it should be closer to reaching is market potential) and according to most, does not have the games that the ps3 does...but some how, it still finds itself having sold a 100,000 more than the newer ps3 with so much more functionality....not forget the free psn.

Death3414d ago

Last gen the PS2 outsold the Xbox by 7 to 1. This generation the Xbox 360 is still ahead in worldwide sales after 3 years. I'm not sure how this could be anymore of a "win" up to this point. Oh wait, maybe I can, the other distant competitior from last gen is so far ahead in sales they are no longer even considered competition.


Danja3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

well TBH I wasn't expecting the PS3 to even crack 200k....

The harsh economic situation is really working against Sony this Gen....The Ps3 is still putting up good numbers for having such a steep price late in it's life cycle....yes they did fall short of last year sales..but to make it seem as if they are doing really bad compared to last January is just complete ignorance...they just sold..

The 360 is still coming off a price cut..higher Yearly sales..was to be expected.....doesn't take a genius to figure that out...

The Wii is just running and not looking back...well done ninetndo..

Powertesties3414d ago

Everyone needs to step back from the fanboyism and look at what these journalist are saying. They are not being 'fanboys' and bashing the PS3, they are taking a step back, looking at the numbers and giving a look at the standing of the Playstation Brand.

I am a Playstation owner, PS3, PSP, PS2, etc but I know that Sony isn't ruling the world right now. The system is expensive and the AAA titles have been far and in between.

Listen people, I am not saying the PS3 sucks or that it lacks good titles. MGS, Drakes F, LBP, R2 and the etc. More killer titles are in the works and I know that as well.

Simply put, the numbers do not lie! Even Killzone 2 hasn't received enough pre-orders to even have a midnight launch; Everyone, GO RESERVES!

Sony needs to drop the price to compete in this economy. They also need to do some improvements on the PSN and the interface. Core features need to be addressed and I have faith they will be. Features such as the new photo addition are nice but not what Sony needs to focusing on right now.

One important aspect that needs to be addressed immediately, and I am not alone on this is the voice communications over the PSN. How this can be done is beyond me since most users use Bluetooth and not UBS mics, but voice over the PSN is terrible. All 15 of my close friends, who are PS3 owners mind you, can hardly have a conversation while playing games. Everyone sounds like they are in a freaking tin can. It is beyond terrible. I understand that bluetoooth plays a big part in this but that isn't the only reason. Sony has a role in this as well. Even with USB mics the communication can be lousy, better, but lousy.

Ok, so no more rambling on. Sony, you need to get in Gear if you want this generation. You have the IPs, the network, the system and you can do it. It simply needs more effort and improvement. Simple as that.

Real Gambler3414d ago

"They are not being 'fanboys' and bashing the PS3"

Please, find any other article about toasters, dvd players, LCD monitors, using the word "lackluster" for selling 200,000 units in January, during these hard economic times...

Trust me, all those businesses, that are currently closing down, would like to get those "lackluster" january sales, particularly for such an expensive item... Selling 200,000 boxes at $400 to $500 a box, I would rather use "impressive" january sales, but that's only me! Selling 100 million worth of "boxes" in January is not lackluster, it's just a LOT of money moving pockets in hard times.

They also say: "a look at 2008's results shows a grim trend for Sony"... Well, they could have added: "but SAME thing happened to the 360, on their second year, from 2007 to 2008, and look what a price cut did for 2009!" Isn't that a more positive note? But that would not bring in those precisous hits.

So sure, it's not a fanboy article, but it's definitively designed to get some hits!!! And this is sad.

Powertesties3413d ago

I understand how you can say that. 200,000 units is a lot and I completely believe it. What you are forgetting is that a toaster, DVD players and etc companies are actually making a profit for each item sold. Sony is in a bad position. Profits from all divisions are pretty poor. Sales are less and less as each month goes on.

It is what it is.

But listen man, I love Sony and I want them to rock. Simply, these articles are not written to harm the PS3. That is so funking ridiculous. haha

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JokesOnYou3414d ago

"So back to my question, if PS3 sales are "lackluster" where does that leave 360 sales?!"

uhm, about 100,000 better than lackluster


pswi603414d ago

if you're not first, you're last

UnSelf3414d ago

if it isnt profit, its revenue

enjoy ur revenue microsoft

socomnick3414d ago

heh nice comment joy. Seriously though who cares if sony is 3rd, i dont get get sony fans are so defensive, what if the ps3 remains 3rd this entire generation will that have such a significant impact on your life. Seriously ? just enjoy your games and ignore the fact that sony will remain 3rd.

cmrbe3414d ago

that a .1 million increase over competition is good but financially i belive the xbox division is suffering alot more than the SCE division.

If say each x360 SKU sold 100k each. This would amount to about 80 million in revenue for hardware alone which SCEA managed to get with just 200k PS3 at $400 each.

MS had to produce 100k extra x360 and sell and advertise them just to get the same revenue as SCEA did with just producing and selling 200k PS3.

I am looking at sales right now because of the financial crisis. Right now profiability is extremely important for each console holder and indirectly us gamers.

Death3414d ago

Microsoft is making money on the hardware where Sony is just starting to break even. Revenue is important but not as important as profit. If you sell something for less than it costs to make it, you are going in the wrong direction. The profits from the PS2 and PSP are what has been financing the PS3's losses which is why the games division hasn't posted an annual profit in over 3 years. Microsofts games division on the other hand is posting a profit. If revenue was king, the Playstation brand would be at the top. Unfortunately profit is the key to success.


Danja3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

How about we wait for M$ to posy there last fiscal earnings after the price cut b4 we start yelling that they are now making money off hardware....

yes they made earnings on the hardware last year...but that was b4 they drastically reduced there prices...

Death3414d ago

They had a $50 cut in 2007 and another $50 in 2008. The Xbox 360 retails for a whopping $100 less today than it did at launch in 2005. I would hope manufacturing costs have come down enough this late into the game.


shocky163413d ago

Very true Death, the cost has gone down $100 dollers in 3 years and people still think this is a lot?, think about it when PS3 come out it was 599 dollers, now the price is 399. Now who's the one taking drastic price changes?

Oh and Danja you can't put a spin on what Death just said so don't even bother, kid.

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panasonic233414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

translation we getting are a## kick by the competition giggity have no fear we still the console king giggity wii is not competition the ps3 is cheaper then the 360 harddrive $100 live $50.

pswi603414d ago

funny how MS has to say the same thing, as they are getting their @ss kicked against the Wii as well

GiantEnemyLobster3414d ago

Now THATS what I call lackluster sales. Man the PS3 can't sell worth a darn.

GEESE3414d ago

The economy is crap. The ps3 is expensive. Yet it still sells.
Go play gears of slowdown, and be content with your own loud, dvd playing, hardware failing console and we will do just fine with our ps3's.
Is all good.
The Wii TROUNCES the 360, does that make it better?

cmrbe3414d ago

are not taking into account some major factors from last year compare to this year.

Factor 1. Blu-ray won when WB switched to Blu before then end of 2007. This helped the sales of the PS3 in Jan 08.

Factor 2. The NA is in really bad shape and this puts the PS3 at a bigger disadvantage being the most expensive console on the market.

Yes the x360 saw an increase compare to Jan 08 but people must realise that the x360 is $100 cheaper now compare to Jan 08 so obviously it should sell more.

Look guys. What i am saying is that people are taking numbers at face value without factoring in factors that clearly affected these numbers. Say for example the PS3 saw a price drop in Dec 08. Are we to expect the PS3 to sell the same in Jan 09 as it was in Jan 08?. Hell no it should sell more but non of this happened.

Death3414d ago

The $50 price cut took the system down to $299 in the fall.


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