Oversight: more EGM Quartermann rumors

1UP only touched on a couple of rumors in EGM's signature Quartermann rumor column. picked up on the rest (really, what Gamefront didn't mention, 1UP did, and vice-versa), so now we can flesh out the rest of the rumor mill and call it an EGM Month. Unless GameFront overlooked something as well.

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specialguest4301d ago

QuarterMan or Q-man's rumors are fun to read, but I've learned a long time ago from the days when I use to subscribe to EGM Magazine that it's definately not reliable. I had an old issue of EGM stating that Street Fighter 3 was rumored to be out soon. That was back in 1993. My hopes were crushed.

UrbanJabroni4301d ago

This has to be the most uninteresting Quartermann column in recent memory. :(