Rumor: Resistance Sequel to be 'Rise of Man'

PSU was talking to some of the people showing up at GDC, and this little interesting tidbit came across their desks. A middleware company informed them that Insomniac was working on a sequel to Resistance. They didn't want to tell them anything beyond the name: "Rise of Man".

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NoUseMerc4277d ago

It makes it flow really well... but what will the third part be?

deathtok4277d ago

The third could always be something like Resistance: Evolution of Man

Chagy4277d ago

i like what they did with the title "rise of man" neva seen it coming

Whoooop4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

Even tho at first the game didn't impress me, it got better and better in time.. It never got to a point where i could open my mouth in awe, but it was a great game for a launch tittle.. ( I really loved the outside parts of the game specially when the snow was falling, the background of the Kimera ships looked really nice )

It's nice to know there's a sequel in the works right now, is fair to say that it should be MUCH better visually as they now must know how to work with the CELL even better.. Imaging GOW graphics or better, with a much better gameplay than fall of man (fall of man was great gameplay don't get me wrong) and a [email protected] load of more cool innovative weapons.. NICE

ER1X4277d ago

I wonder what those Supreme Commanders are going to do with Hale...

Whoooop4277d ago

Probably some anal probe.. :P

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