Formula 1 Game most realistic depiction of the sport ever

Super Aguri F1's Anthony Davidson stopped off in London on Thursday to help launch the 'Formula One Championship Edition' game for the Playstation 3.

Speaking at the do, Davidson, who is a big fan of such games, noted that he has been 'blown away' by this latest offering: "Keeping up with the latest technology has always been one of my favourite past times and playing computer games offers an enjoyable way to relax away from the track. The advancements made to Playstation 3 have blown me away," he confirmed.

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DJ3857d ago

to practice circuits ahead of time? Whoa. Sick.

Chagy3857d ago

this game is highly detail it looks amazing

techie3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I thought I'd had some pictures to show just why...even though he said it wasn't just the graphics, but the physics and gameplay was the most realistic ever. So if an article critics that it doesn't feel right or they can't do it...then they'd be a crap f1 driver lol. Which I suppose is a problem for niche game like this, but I hear it is very customizable.

Also looking at the could anyone say outloud that the ps3 can't do graphics!? Doens't mean it's better at the 360 at all of course...but hell it can do graphics! Can't it? As you can tell I like the rainy ones.

Not my kind of game though personally. I like Burnout or Motorstorm.

UrbanJabroni3857d ago

"how could anyone say outloud that the ps3 can't do graphics!?"

I don't think anyone denies the PS3's abilities to present amazing graphics. I think the only debate is whether or not they are better graphics than the 360. I can't imagine anyone saying the machine doesn't create pretty graphics.

techie3856d ago

Well that's how it sounds sometimes laddy.

Torch3857d ago

My sentiments exactly, after playing (actually, just SEEING Sufficed) for the first time.

It was one of the not-to-oft moments in life where you know you've just experienced something new and really special. I'm personally not an F1 fan, and don't have the patience to follow thoroughly through a complete Formula 1 race, but this masterpiece will absolutely drop the jaw of anyone exposed to it. F1 Fan or not.

I dearly hope that the GT5 crew take some lessons from this title.

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The story is too old to be commented.