Wii already half way over Xbox 360's User Base?

MaxConsole reports:
"The latest figures from VGCharts denote that the Wii has sold 5.20 million units, in comparison to the Xbox 360's figure of 9.36 million."

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TheMART4305d ago

Those are VGA numbers. This site is just as believable:

360 almost sold 11 million units, PS3 sold 1.5 million, Wii 4.8 million.

Although the Wii did sell great the last months, having no interesting software (what is there really besides the incredible fun sports, and maybe Zelda???), it could go just the way as the PSP goes in handhelds, not selling like it could be.

If you'd ask me, 360 will be nr. 1, just close the Wii, the PS3 will be nr 3., for sure as long as the price stays that hight

dantesparda4305d ago

So you around up the 360 from 10,665,539 to 11,000,000 (which is 334,461 units more!), but then round down the Wii to 4,800,000 (when its 4,865,446) and do the same for the PS3. I like how you skewed those numbers, very unbiased.

NextGen24Gamer4305d ago

Next Gen Wars seems a tad more realistic....I used to pay attention to VG charts till I realized they didn't update the site very often and also they only keep track of Japan and USA numbers. They have no figures for other countries.

Microsoft announced that at the end of November 2006 they had shipped 10 million consoles. Then mid January Microsoft announced that they "SOLD" 10.4 million consoles. I figure by now...March....they are at 11 million consoles sold. Then by May they will be a tad over their 12 million forcast due to them making way for the black 360 with the 120 gig hard drive and hdmi included. At that same time you can expect a price drop for the core and the premium....By the end of 2007 with the release of Halo 3, Bio Shock, Mass Effect, and Fable 2....You can be sure that Christmas 2007 will be spectacular for MS and with the price being lower .... 19 million sold by the end of 2007 is clearly attainable....I expect the Wii to be at 12 million by the end of 2007 and the ps3 to be at 8 million. We shall see. It should be interesting.

Raist4305d ago

Mid january MS said sold yah. And admitted it was "sold in", that is sold to retailers, not consumers.

nexgenwars isn't really reliable. A few days after Wii launch, they were already at like 700k Wiis sold, and then update their site back to 400k, saying "huh yes well, we had new informations, so huh... bah whatever"
They don't even give any sources, VGcharts do.

I personnaly think nexgen isn't closer to the real sales.

dantesparda4305d ago

In your post you said "i figure", well you're not really "figuring", what you are really doing is once again showing your bias, and really just saying what you "hope" is gonna happen. But yeah, just keep on "figuring"

DJ4305d ago

All it does is plug shipment figures into equations and let it run. VGcharts actually tracks retail sales figures. Remember when Microsoft said they'd sell 10 million consoles before the PS3 ever launched? They still haven't announced that "10 million sold" benchmark yet, despite saying that whoever sells 10 million first wins the console war.

The Wii's kicking ass, and the PS3 is starting to pick up steam. 360's just kind of sitting there...

BIadestarX4305d ago

Who knows maybe they were talking about EU launch. Maybe it is Sony's fault for not delivering on their promise about a global launch that would incluse europe. I think Sony knew they wouldnt' be able to deliver if they try a real global launch so they rush to release a few consoles to the US and Japan just to say microsoft was wrong. Microsoft said they would reach 10 million when Sony said they would do a global launch.. Are you still using that line? As far as Europe is concern microsoft did reach 10 Mil before the PS3 launched.

Optimus Prime4305d ago

nexgenwars is soo unreliable and bad when other people use it for info, but when you go and use it, it is the greatest site to find info about sales. hypocrite

deathtok4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

I see Microsoft around 19-20 million, mostly slowed down because I don't expect sales in Japan to really pick up.

Based on the selling trend of the Wii, if popularity remains they could be closer to 15 million with Christmas sales, the price is a plus.

Finally I think people are warming up to the PS3 with the firmware updates, Immersion business, etc I see them around 11-12 million. I think their are a lot of Sony loyalists who haven't made their move yet.

Either way I think all 3 companies have a good forecast for this year.

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