New GRAW 2 Hi-Res Images

New high resolution images from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

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Close_Second4307d ago

What a series of pointless images - are they from in-game or cut scene? And I dont know about you, but if a chopper came down that close to me I would'nt be posing for a picture and looking at the camera.

I have played the multiplayer demo on the xbox 360. Was a lot nicer than the first GRAW (as expected) but controls felt sluggish and whats with all the shadows from trees? They were off putting and looked blocky up close.

Fanboys are gay4307d ago

the images are from the opening movie sequence, and i got this game yesterday and its deadly have it on hardest difficulity and its not that hard but make sure you got the surround sound pumped whilst playing

lil bush4306d ago

why say" here some new pictures of graw" when you can tell that its not in-game footage its just a waste of time