CELL 101: What Makes The PS3 A SuperComputer

An article on that takes you on a indepth tour of the Cell CPU. Its dates back to 1999 when Ken Kutaragi the father of the Playstation console derived the idea of having a computer that acted like "Cells" in a biological system.

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techie4305d ago

Yuh it is a very good article. Looks at pros and cons. Looks at developing for and everything. Long read...but if you're interested then give it a read. Read this ages ago and wasn't sure if it was postable...but I'll give it to you GaMr

aaquib24305d ago

2 trillion calculations per second. Awesome. 360 can only do a measely 1 trillion caluclations. Bluray = 50gb. Ps3 = winner!

DJ4305d ago

I totally forgot about this article. It kicks down a lot of rumors, and brings up some very interesting information.

silent ninja4305d ago this point it doesn't matter whats inside the ps3. games and sevices sony is offering is what matters

techie4305d ago

Of course it is...but if you ever have some interest in what's going on in a piece of hardware then it is an interesting read. For anyone else who thinks this is "look at me I'm great really I am" for the ps3 then don't bother. The article lists advantages and failures of the maybe you'll learn something.

Monchichi0254305d ago

Sure it is!!! Just like how the PS2 was a Super Computer so powerful that the United States Government did not want it sold in Iraq because it would help them build Nuclear Weapons!!!! LMAO

Sorry Sony but you're stupid lies won't work this time. We all know the PS3 is not even a strong as the Xbox 360 gaming wise, and is basically a BluRay player with extra benifits!!!

Super Computer???? I'm still rolling on the floor Laughing!!!

techie4305d ago

Haha you ass. Read the article that is written by an independent source, who has researched the field excessively (as you can see by his referrenced page by the end). Maybe you'll learn something about the cell. "We all know..." In fact we don't know...and havent yet seen what we can get out of the Cell...if we ever will is another question, but this article lists ways to get the best out of it.

Brandon4305d ago

actually ps3 is a super computer, but you don't know what this means probably, a super computer it's not a computer that fly around with a blu and red case and maybe an S in the middle but a computer that can make very fast calculation and cell it's pretty good at it

Xi4305d ago

Actual the ps3 is not a super computer since it would require about 100 spe's to be considered one.

Merovee4304d ago

8 is the magic number here 8 cell processors put you in the top 500 of supercompuers ranked by processing performance and IBM's BluGene is Number 1. - It's powered by the Cell B.E. The chip was designed for 2 purposes Super-computers and the PS3.

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